LETTER- Bible essay revised history

I like the Hook. However, I don't like Tony Perrino's irresponsible use of Bible passages or his revisionist history or his whitewash of the issue of gay marriage [Essay: "Bible beating: Let's lay homophobia to rest," August 31].

He acts as if there are only two camps: homophobes and those who believe same-sex marriage is okay. This is simply not factual. There are many, many people (in Virginia) who believe homosexuality is not right according to the Bible, but that this group needs to be loved as much as the next, and so they support rights for homosexuals.

Of course, many also believe that gay marriage is the only way forward. So this is a difficult issue we in Virginia have coming up. To treat the issue as immaturely and historically inaccurately as Perrino has done is not quality, and is not helpful.

Robert Banta