LETTER- Thinking the unthinkable

I commend the Hook for having the courage to run Janis Jaquith's essay "Unthinkable? Who really destroyed the towers?" in the September 7 Hook. 

Everything about 9/11 was unthinkable, but it happened, and there are some very troubling unanswered questions. If anyone wonders if there is any reason to doubt what truly happened on 9/11, they couldn't ask for a more seriously researched work than David Ray Griffin's book, The New Pearl Harbor.

Griffin is a highly respected professor of philosophy and religion who– far from being a "conspiracy nut"– has addressed every aspect of the events in a reasonable, non-hysterical, intelligent manner. He's written several books on 9/11 and a new one published in July called Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action. 

In reading this book, I'm devastated at the obvious implications of possible complicity of people in high places. In explaining "possible meanings of official complicity" Griffin suggests eight views in ascending order of seriousness, starting with irresponsible neglect or embarrassing cover-up of facts. He arrives at the feet of our own government, always presenting the facts and allowing readers to draw their own conclusions. I haven't yet decided which level of complicity I accept. I must do more reading.

No event or person in power is so sacrosanct as to be exempt from thoughtful enquiry, especially with an event of this magnitude. If there exists any doubt at all about why this attack on the world's super power was so disastrously successful, it behooves us all to at least ask questions and use discrimination in choosing our sources of information. Based on what I've heard and read, I recommend David Ray Griffin's thoughtful work– if you can stand to consider the unthinkable.

Alma Cunningham