PHOTOPHILE- Toga! Toga! A fabulous thing happened on the way

Toga! Toga! Toga! was the cry at the new Play On! theater in the Frank Ix building Saturday night, September 9, as about 60 lovers of all things Roman (well, okay, maybe not crucifixions) gathered to inaugurate the troupe's new performance space.

Partygoers enjoyed a catered buffet and snippets of songs from the upcoming premier production, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Togas and elaborate headbands were the order of the night, setting a festive tone enlivened by the music and a cash bar.

Theater mastermind Alex Citron and his wife, Shelly Cole, president of the board of directors, welcomed amicii at the door, and Ben Jamieson, facilities manager, introduced the players– all in costume– who offered a musical trade-off from the play: "Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight!"

 Members of the company circulated through the crowd, socializing and promoting the production, slated to begin September 29. 

Acroama vincit omnia.

"Tragedy tomorrow; comedy tonight!"

Si Becker came to the party sine toga, but with a good explanation.

Shelley Cole and Alex Citron

Festive John Storck Maddox, left, and Barry Green manned the bar.

Arthur Herman and Betty Lou Hailes

Mimi Hirsch and Ra Cunningham got into the spirit of the evening.

Matti and Michelle Majorin, praised as the artistic genius behind the party

Brian Wimer and Ivana Kadija