NEWS- Crowes fly: They shook their money maker

While two high-profile defections from the line-up have pundits claiming the current tour is in jeopardy, the remaining members of the Black Crowes put on an energetic Saturday night performance at the Charlottesville Pavilion.

The September 9 show followed the recent departure of keyboardist Eddie Hawrysch– and the sudden departure of guitarist Marc Ford, who reportedly quit the band a day or two before the Charlottesville show, citing fears for his "sobriety."

The sobriety of this crowd, however, was never in question. With howling enthusiasm and feverish shouts, the members of the mid-sized Charlottesville audience seemed happy with their $35 purchase, even when they learned the band had given a free concert a day earlier at Richmond's Brown's Island.

After all, occasionally feuding brothers Chris and Rich Robinson were smiling. And they played "She Talks to Angels"!

The large range of ages in the audience was a refreshing sight. Let's just hope another Crowe doesn't fly the coop.