MY RIDE- Howard Williams- 2004 Patriot Scooter

World War II veteran Howard Williams has owned all kinds of motorcycles in his life, but his favorite is the Patriot scooter he purchased in 1994.

Williams' first experience with motorcycles came when he was serving in the Army.  While stationed in the Philippines, his crew retrieved a bike from a sunken Japanese liberty ship and restored it to ride for recreation, he says.

"This scooter is more reliable than all of my other bikes," the 79-year-old biker says of his scooter, even though it averages only "a little under 35 miles per hour."

He's put about 10,000 kilometers (about 6,213 miles) on the Patriot, but it has required little maintenance– he's had to replace only the belts.  

"If they'd improve the belts, they'd have a 100 percent machine," he says. "I call it China's secret weapon."

With the price of a barrel of crude on the rise, the Patriot is a smart choice. It gets over 100 kilometers (over 60 miles) to a tank of gas, Williams brags.

While the scooter is not his only mode of transportation, the former GI has no plans to give up his Patriot anytime soon.  

"I'll be 80 years old next year," he says, "and this is my wheel chair."

Howard Williams


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