LETTER- Defending worldly goods

When I came across the Rev. Kort Greene's letter in the most recent issue of the Hook ["Seymour's sentence unjust," August 31], I was genuinely surprised by his position. Not that he was praying for the Seymour family, since this is a genuine period of travail for all involved, but his stated reasons for doing so.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, please, but wasn't the basic premise of this case George Seymour's statement that he shot the cat to protect his expensive foreign car? And aren't there many passages in the Bible telling us that we should not place lasting value on our worldly goods? Seems to me that any car, expensive or otherwise, certainly falls under the heading of worldly goods.

    For a Reverend to choose a man's defense of expensive property over the needless suffering inflicted upon one of God's small creatures, seems to me a very baffling position for that Reverend to take.  

                                                                                                                        S.H. Wilson
Albemarle County


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Amen to that!