LETTER- Buy a car cover

I have been following your story "Guilty verdict: Cat shooter gets jail time" [August 24] with great interest in that I love animals. Defense attorney J. Benjamin Dick's remarks– "You just can't go around doing things that our grandfathers could do. This is a new time, and you've got big pet lovers"– bothered me greatly because he makes it sound like pet lovers had something to do with what George Seymour did.  

My husband and I have two show vehicles, and in order to keep the neighborhood animals from damaging them, we have car covers. If the Seymours had problems with animals damaging their vehicles, they should have invested in $60 covers that would protect them from scratches.  

They certainly would have been a lot cheaper than the cost of this entire trial on both sides. There are certain things you cannot avoid, and unless you stand guard over your property 24 hours a day, you are going to get animals– both stray and domestic– on your property and on your vehicles.  

Sometimes you have to take precautions and be pro-active, not reactive. Anyone who has any idea of taking care of cars, especially those of any value, would take steps to preserve them, and car covers are a pretty inexpensive way to do it!

Karen Harris