LETTER- Spray cats, don't kill 'em

I was really amazed at those individuals who criticized the 10-day jail sentence imposed on George Seymour for shooting a domestic cat [August 31 letters: "Seymour's sentence unjust," "Cat trial resembles witch trial"]. Their logic was that "he was only protecting his property."

For God's sake, people, he shot a family pet. This is not the wild west, where you just shoot any varmint that comes onto your property!

Has Seymour ever heard of a water hose? Last time I looked, spraying an intruding cat with a water hose was a lot less fatal, but just as effective in keeping the animal away from precious cars.

Oh, well, I guess that those water spots can be pretty damaging. I suppose that the next thing in protecting valuable autos against wild marauders such as squirrels will be to use hand grenades, or even Claymore mines!

Come on, people– how about taking a real look at what happened and come to the conclusion that you're all a little bit out of line and that Seymour was lucky in getting off with a mere 10 days in prison. After all, the judge did suspend 50 days of the sentence.

In essence, it really boils down to, is that I certainly wouldn't want any of you as my neighbors– especially if you have any sort of firearms.

Timothy G. Fredrikson