CULTURE- BUZZ BOX- No problem: No singer doesn't slow No Gods

It was almost a year ago when No Gods No Monsters suddenly found themselves with No Singer. Much to the surprise of his bandmates, vocalist Bob Davidson threw in the towel on an otherwise blue-sky trip to Baltimore last October.

"He just up and quit," recalls guitarist Hal Brigish with a sigh. "Bob was an interesting character– you never knew what he was thinking. He said he didn't want to play rock and roll anymore; he wanted to pursue his classical thing." When drummer Jon Hartline split shortly thereafter, it didn't bode well for the band's future.

"I had always envisioned that No Gods No Monsters was me and Bob, like a Jagger/Richards kind of a team," says Brigish. But ultimately he wasn't content to let the project flounder, and even though he was the only remaining original member, within a few months he was on the hunt for replacements. 

In the meantime, bassist Matt Singleton switched to guitar and the duo started writing– very quickly and efficiently– in Singleton's studio. Perhaps a better comparison would be Ozzy Osbourne or Van Halen– you know, the guys who succeeded in supplanting shattered creative partnerships with new, equally productive ones.

Or, in this case, three new ones: Clay Caricofe on drums, Cory Teitelbaum on bass, and Tony Pugh in the Davidson slot round out NGNM 2.0, which Brigish will excitedly unveil at the Outback Lodge on September 8. And though the lineup has changed considerably, the focus hasn't: it's still huge, aggressive rock with an attitude.

"My vision of No Gods No Monsters was definitely reaching back into my 1970s and 1980s hard rock and cock rock roots," says Brigish with a laugh, "not the hard rock that's popular now, detuned guitars and raspy vocals. I kind of go back into the Cult and ACDC and the Misfits."

"There's definitely something about it that still sounds fresh. Some of it is in the drumming, and some of it is in the way that Tony sings," he continues. "It doesn't sound so dated that it feels like a retro band."

No singer, no drummer... no problem.

No Gods No Monsters join In Tenebris and Lauren Hoffman at the Outback Lodge Friday, September 8. 10pm, $6.

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