Joyce L. and Richard H. Allan III, trustees, to Richard and Barbara F. Hewitt, 18.77 acres on State Route 810, $195,000.


Jonathan Goff to Susan T. and Mark Mulhall, 0.295 acres at 118 Mill Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $258,000.

M. Clifton McClure, executor, to Donald R. Lowry, 5.02 acres at 4749 Rolling Road, $90,000.

Meghan L. Reppert to Meghan L. LeHembre, unit in Hessian Hills Condominiums, 136 Hessian Circle, gift.

Doris A. Durrett to Danielle P. Nicholas, 0.618 acres at 563 Half Mile Branch Road, gift.

Brian E. and Karen H. Ralston to Wayne and Nancy L. Snyder, 0.242 acres at 518 Rolling Valley Court, Foxcroft, $449,500.

Rodney E. Deane Jr. to Mary W. Trevor, Trustee, 0.411 acres at 1488 Perth Court, Glenmore, Keswick , $693,500.

Jessica Y. and Robert W. Garland Jr. to David D. Shultis, 3.96 acres at 590 Maxfield Road, Keswick, $205,000.

Myrtle White to David D. Shultis, 0.27 acre in Rivanna Magisterial District, $16,000.

Jo Ann Shiflett to Shawn E. and Michael J. Lipinski, 0.171 acres at 8 Waterwheel Court, Village Homes at Mill Creek, $225,000.

Charles W. Hurt, trustee, to Joachim and Brigitta Hollerith, 21 acres at Advance Mills Farm, $375,000.

Evergreen Land Company to Gaffney Homes LLC, parcel in Mosby Mountain subdivision, $115,000.

Gaffney Homes LLC to Mans Backman and Andrea Spreter, parcel in Mosby Mountain subdivision, $115,000.

Siu Wah Yan-Cao to Mukesh P., Mona M., Reena M., and Pratik M. Parikh, 0.104 acres at 1127 Somerchase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $260,900.

Kelli Sutton and Andrew K. Block Jr. to Anne C. Hormel, 10.0 acres at 1577 Lonesome Mountain Hollow, $845,000.

Ananda Y. and Norwood T. Bailey Jr. to Khalil A. and Eimear Amir, 0.346 acres at 1226 Dunlora Drive, Riverchase of Dunlora, $495,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Brandon W. and Jennifer Leigh Skelton, 9063 West End Circle, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $313,510.

Stanley L. Allen III to Ashish K. Sharma, 0.083 acres at 114 Quince Lane, Willoughby, $188,000.

Joyce C. Haden to Bobbie N. Mahanes, 610 Mockingbird Way, the Villas condominiums at Branchlands Retirement Village, $349,900.

Gaffney Homes LLC to Donald M. Harrison, 0.610 acres at 1857 Rhett Court, Mosby Mountain, $569,950.


Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Jayant Talreja and Sheetal Vashi, unit in Claremont at Carriagd Hill, 820 Beverly Drive, $272,500.

Joseph P. and Katie Jackson to Sharon L. Davie and Edward W. Hootstein, 10.171 acres at 6770 River Hill Lane, Afton, $403,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Robert F. and Princess L. Scott, 0.310 acres at 1926 Via Florence Road, Fontana, $530,091.

Barbara S. Lane to Albemarle Properties LLC, 4950 Meeks Run, Crozet, $40,000.

Keith F. and Marcy T. Brady to Joseph P. and Katie Jackson, 2.88 acres at 4508 Deer Boon Road, Keswick, $285,000.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Kodaganallur and Sharada Sundar, condominium unit in Parkside at Eagles Landing, 190 Yellowstone Drive, $146,260.

Duong V. Bui to Rhonda M. and Chester F. Dymek III, 0.283 acres at 1424 Reynovia Drive, Lake Reynovia, $384,000.

Kathleen S. Vernon to Calvin R. Davis Jr. and Marjorie Sullivan, 5.566 acres at 283 Simmons Gap Road, $66,500.

Haley Chisholm & Morris Inc. to Ronald L., Sherry D., Matthew A., and Mark M. Morgan, 3.690 acres in Langdon Woods, Earlysville, $195,000.

Mary Eliza and John P. Marchwinski III to Timothy W. and Diane E. Daniels, 0.367 acres at 943 Fairwinds Lane, Western Ridge, $395,000.

Grace Preservation Partners LLC to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, 11.234 acres, gift.

Michael A. Gaffney to Clark D. Hair, unit in Glenwood Station, 949 Glenwood Station Lane, $246,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Scott Levokove and Jodi Ordover and Jonathan and Shari Perkes,  0.081 acres at 530 Summerford Lane, Old Trail, Crozet, $362,615.

Janet A. and Samuel J. Joseph Jr. to William M. and Ellen Y. Roberson, 326 Dover Road, Carrsbrook, $479,000.


Augusta Macon Tate to Avon Court Holdings LLC, 6.78 acres at 2095 Avon Court, Avon Street Industrial Park, $1,495,000.

Albemarle One LLC to Carlton E. and Joyce R. Wood, 13.26 acres at Chestnut Ridge, gift.

Lawrence W. Comerford to Keith Ignotz, 16.40 acres at 511 Shelton Mill Road, White Hall, $1,085,000.

James P. and Elizabeth C, Herndon to April C. Inyard, 0.089 acres at 103 Pepper Place, Willoughby, $183,000.


Shizurko S. and John W. Rainey Jr. to Green Springs LLC, 2.88 acres in White Hall Magisterial District, $100,000.

Virginia Land LLC to Southland Homes Inc., 1340 Stony Point Road, Montgomery Ridge, $250,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Stephen J. and Carolyn Maddy-Bernstein, 0.465 acres at 1325 Kilchattan Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $669,000.

Shiflett Farm LLC to Church Hill Development Co., six lots at Westhall, $367,890.

Kevin E. and Sherri Washington Poindexter to Maria W. L. Chee, 668 Locksley Terrace, Sherwood Manor, $165,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Desiree Slawski, 0.150 acres at 1353 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $304,236.

Alex C. and Stephanie R. Johnson to Gerald E. Martin and Dee Andrea Fraley, 0.186 acres at 910 Canvasback Drive, Redfields, $316,500.

Carriage Hill I condominiums LLC to Barbara Finkl Berk, trustee, condominium unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, $205,000.


Jackie B. Shifflett to Old Trail Creekside LLC, 10.083 acres at Old Trail, $1,264,998.

Forest Lakes Associates to KG Associates LLC, parcel in Springridge, $100,000.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Edward H. and Sharon Tuchman, condominium unit in Parkside at Eagles Landing, 727 Denali Way, $255,440.

Richard G. Davis to Uvaldo and Angela B. Lopez, 2806 Northfields Road, Northfield, $375,000.

Susan K. Miller to John V. Ostrowski Jr., 0.367 acres at 1786 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek South, $310,000.

Southern Property LLC to Southern Development Group Inc., parcel i Brookwood, $7,600.

Betsy Clayton Denome to Results Capital LLC, 5658 Wayland Drive, Wayland Park, $174,100.

Dennis F. and Carly I. Hauck to Kelly A. and Erik Petersen, 0.190 acres at 377 Bayberry Way, Deerwood, $369,900.

Krischan J. and Ashley M. Hudson to Gulfstream Sunrise LLC, 3.421 acres at Miller Road, Miller Division, $135,000.

Shifflett Farm LLC to Barry Meade Homes LLC, three lot at Westhall, $227,190.

William H. Whary Jr. to Arnulfo and Victoria Gonzalez, unit in Overlook condominiums, 348 South Pantops Drive, $175,000.

Phuong T. and Maryann T. Nguyen to Lewis and Marcia Lipson, 0.170 acres at 950 Canvasback Drive, Redfields, $405,000.

Cyndy L. Bourke to Clarence W. Fisher Jr. and Rebecca E. Steel, 1.837 acres at 4615 Mockernut Lane, Hickory Ridge, Earlysville, $594,500.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Richard A. LaRue, 0.783 acres at 9071 West End Circle, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $341,000.

Andrew D. and Randi E. Rod to Christopher J. and Lucy M. Thompson, 0.873 acres at 365 Peacock Drive, Peacock Hill, $469,900.

Big Deal


Jackie B. Shifflett to Old Trail Creekside LLC, 10.083 acres at Old Trail, $1,264,998.