PHOTOPHILE- Roll on: Kayakers take to the water

There wasn't much shaking or rattling, but there was lots of roll on Thursday, August 24, when the Outdoor Adventure Social Club hosted a kayak workshop for its members at Walnut Creek Park.

Approximately six water adventurers paid $10 each to learn or to practice rolls– with varying levels of success. Students became more comfortable being in boats– upside down or otherwise. The club provided boats and equipment.

Veteran kayaker David Clark, who taught the class, says, "I fell in love with kayaking, but I didn't know anyone else who loved it as much. I started teaching people so they'd come out with me."  

Now Clark leads between 10 and 20 trips a year for the OASC, a local group with over 200 members, ages 20 to 60. 

Outdoor Adventure Club leader Matt Rosefsky says kayaking is just one of the skills members can perfect. If hanging upside down underwater in a snug little capsule isn't your idea of a good time, the club offers "hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, skiing, biking– you name it," he says.

More information, and a schedule of events, can be found at

Veteran kayaker David Clark encourages the class before they take the plunge.

Julie McLure swims back to shore.

Peter Leavesley, who has 35 years of experience kayaking, completes a roll. He came out to help David teach the class.

David Clark and Angela Groehler

David Clark packs up the boats.