MYRIDE-Jim Perkins-1992 Jaguar SJ6

Once a commander in the Navy and an employee of UVA medical center, Jim Perkins now divides his time between Bank of America, where he works part time, and Sage Moon Gallery, which he and his wife own and operate. Perkins decided to purchase a Jaguar after noting the comfort and safety of his wife's.

Now, Perkins' restless spirit leads him to spend his leisure time on the move– in his 1992 Jaguar SJ6. 

"We thought it would be fun to be a two-Jag family," he says. "We've always wanted to get luxury cars. This was just the right thing at the right time."

With leather seats and genuine burl wood paneling, Perkins' Jaguar makes every ride seem like a vacation for the supposedly "retired" Perkins.

"It just purrs," he says. "You can set it on cruise control and just relax."

Even under the stressful driving conditions of a long road trip, the sunroof and copious trunk and interior space make traveling a breeze.

 Perkins attests that the Jag is a "smooth ride," but he admits that the car repair process is a little less smooth.

"The nearest real Jaguar dealer is in Richmond," he says. 

Even though repairs to the Jag take him far and wide, Perkins claims that the price of his opulent automobile isn't as steep as one would think.

"People think Jaguars are pretty ritzy," he says. "The new ones are, but mine is used."

Jim Perkins