LETTER- Seymour's sentence unjust

Recently an Albemarle County resident was given a jail sentence for killing a cat in his yard ["Guilty verdict: Cat shooter gets jail time," News, August 24]. Not all people are animal lovers. If one does not own an animal because he doesn't want them in his yard, surely he doesn't want his neighbor's pets in his yard. 

One should have the right to keep dogs, cats or whatever out of his yard. He shouldn't have to build a fence to keep the animals out. Those who own the animals should build a fence to keep them in. Their animals are their responsibility. 

This man was given an unjust sentence. Unfortunately, we seem to live in an age where animals have preeminence over humans, but God intended it to be the other way around.

My prayers go out to Mr. Seymour and his family for this terrible injustice.

The Rev. Kort Greene