Lethal Wreckage: Embattled towing company files for a name change after $20 million suit

When Lethal Wrecker's lawyer announced in a Charlottesville court on July 21 that his client didn't have the assets to pay a total of $1,100 to 21 citizens who'd been overcharged, it seemed the towing company might be nearing bankruptcy– bad news for those aggrieved towing victims. 

But perhaps no one is more aggrieved by this news than Peter Weatherly, a local teacher for whom the company's name was nearly prophetic.

When informed by a reporter that the company might be trying to go out of business and change its name, the still wheelchair-bound Weatherly– whose car was crushed by a Lethal tow truck as he drove to work earlier this year on Route 250 West– boiled over in frustration with an expletive.

In a $20 million suit recently filed in Albemarle County Circuit Court, Weatherly alleges that negligence by a Lethal driver led to the January 27 multi-vehicle accident near Keswick that left him critically injured and possibly permanently disabled. 

But whether Lethal will ultimately compensate him for his injuries has now been called into question because of clues that Lethal may be taking steps to become something other than Lethal Wrecker.

Reached at his parents' Charlottesville home, Weatherly, 48, recalls the accident that shattered his femur and pelvis, crushed internal organs, and tore his aorta, an injury few survive.

That winter morning at approximately 7:30am, Weatherly says, he was driving east on Route 250 from his home on Route 20 South to work at the Little Keswick School. As he neared the intersection of Route 22, a Lethal tow truck driven by Floyd Dean and traveling in the opposite direction, allegedly appeared in his lane.

"I never saw the guy," says Weatherly, who was driving a 2001 Honda Accord and who estimates that both he and the tow truck were traveling approximately 45 to 50 mph. "He rode up on top of me," Weatherly says of Dean. Rescue workers arrived within minutes to find Weatherly pinned inside the Accord.

"It took over an hour to get me out," he says.

According to the suit filed March 21, Dean was driving a 1999 F450 tow truck that "crossed into Plaintiff's lane of travel, side-swiped an eastbound dump-truck two vehicles ahead [of] Weatherly, then struck a Mustang directly in front of Weatherly, whereupon the tow truck, still proceeding with great speed, crashed into plaintiff's Honda head-on, thereby driving him with great force and violence off the roadway and into an embankment off of the eastbound lanes of travel of Route 250."

Despite his injuries, Weatherly remained conscious during the rescue effort, though his memories are vague.

"They said I was talking the whole time," he recalls. "I remember the point of impact, and the next thing I remember was looking down and my leg was all bent out of shape. I remember thinking that doesn't look good."

As he was being rushed to UVA hospital in an ambulance, Weatherly's condition worsened. The force of the head-on collision had compressed his organs, and as they settled back into place, he says, the most serious of his injuries became apparent: a ruptured aorta. Weatherly says his organs being pressed up against the body's main artery may have "kept me from bleeding out," but he began hemorrhaging, and doctors raced to save his life. 

"When I got to the ER, I flatlined," he says. "They did the rib spreading and massaged my heart."

Weatherly credits UVA and its specialized trauma team. "They were able to bring in all these experts at a moment's notice," he says. "I'll be thanking them for the rest of my life."

Once his heart was beating again and the rupture was repaired, Weatherly was kept heavily sedated for two weeks. Since then, he says, he has had multiple surgeries, including a $350,000 bone graft procedure on his femur. His medical bills, he says, have topped half a million dollars and will continue to mount, particularly with future surgeries he may need, including a hip replacement. 

Weatherly has insurance, but he says even the co-payments have run to thousands of dollars. The onetime hiker, runner, and baseball coach has been unable to return to work, although he hopes to go back part-time before the end of the year.

Whether he'll see any money from the case is unclear, however.

An anonymous tipster suggested that the Hook investigate Lethal's upcoming name change– from Lethal Wrecker, the caller said, to the kinder, gentler "After Five Towing." When a reporter called Lethal Wrecker and asked for "After Five Towing," a female voice at Lethal replied, "That's us– we're changing our name in a couple of weeks."

An angry George Morris, Lethal's owner, declined to answer questions about Weatherly's lawsuit, except to say, "Who's Peter Weatherly? No one's suing for $20 million. Get your facts straight." He hung up after threatening, "You're going to be facing a lawsuit." 

Driver Floyd Dean did not return the Hook's calls, and Lethal's Richmond-based attorney, William Tiller, declined comment on the case or the alleged upcoming name change. One thing is clear: Lethal is fighting Weatherly's claim with a claim of its own. In a third-party suit against Clarence Taylor, owner of Taylor's Trucking, and his driver, Stewart Abel, Lethal alleges that it was actually Abel's negligence that was responsible for the accident that injured Weatherly. Abel, Taylor and his company, Lethal's suit alleges, should be responsible for any damages a court might award Weatherly.

Abel could not be reached at presstime, and there was no answer at the number listed for Taylor, who had not filed a legal response to the suit by press time. But both Weatherly and his attorney, Greg Webb, scoff at the notion of blaming Taylor or Abel. They say witnesses have testified in preliminary hearings that Dean, not Abel, was at fault in the accident.

Webb doesn't think the outcome of the reckless driving case against Dean, which will be heard September 18 in Albemarle District Court, will affect Weatherly's civil suit, which is set for trial March 12-14 of next year.

Neither Lisa Kelley, assistant city attorney for Charlottesville, nor Webb was aware of Lethal's planned name change, but both wonder how that, coupled with Lethal's recent claim of no assets, may affect Weatherly's suit. But Webb has no doubts about the impetus for the corporate name switch.

"I think it's obvious why," says Webb, who adds that people can draw their own conclusions about why Lethal might be looking for a new identity. 

And as for the possibility of Lethal declaring bankruptcy, Webb offers a glum acknowledgement. "We could be prevented from obtaining any money, or getting to any of their assets above their insurance," he says.

Using bankruptcy to wiggle out of liability isn't an easy undertaking, according to Doug Little, a Charlottesville attorney who specializes in such filings. Little says there are steps Lethal could take to restructure any liability, although not to completely avoid responsibility. But because Lethal Wrecker is incorporated, Little says, Morris won't be personally liable for any damages awarded in any case. "As a general rule," says Little, "the corporate shield will protect the individuals behind it."

However, should Morris decide to declare Lethal bankrupt– something he denies planning– Webb says he'd fight. "We'd get a stay from bankruptcy court in order to proceed," he says.

The City's Kelley says she also plans to move forward with her attempts to collect from Morris on behalf of the 21 overcharged towing plaintiffs. Her plan is to keep going back to court "to see if there's any way to get that money from him," she says.

As for the disabled crash victim, Weatherly says he's primarily focused on regaining his ability to walk and getting back to the activities he most enjoys– teaching and coaching baseball. He won't predict the outcome of his case, but beyond the damages he's asking for, he has one simple wish for Lethal.

"I'd love to get them out of business," he says.

"So many times when I'd lie in the hospital bed, I'd think about being at the ball field, going over old games," says one-time baseball coach Peter Weatherly, who's "hoping to get back out there." 

It took over an hour to rescue Peter Weatherly from the wreckage of his Honda Accord.

Peter Weatherly's 2001 Honda after the accident.


SIDEBAR-The accident and the lawsuit


Plaintiff: Peter Weatherly, a teacher at Little Keswick School and a longtime youth baseball coach

Defendants: Lethal Wrecker and its tow truck driver, Floyd Dean

Suit filed: March 21, 2006 in Albemarle Circuit Court

Amount sought: $20 million

Accident date: January 27, 2006

Accident location: Route 250 at the intersection of Rt. 22, near Keswick

Weatherly's injuries: Crushed femur, broken pelvis, ruptured aorta

Surgeries: Five, including "rib spreading" to repair his aorta and to manually massage his heart, which stopped beating; "bone grafting" to patch a two-inch gap in his femur

Medical bills: $500,000 and rising

Time since work: Eight months



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I've never been towed by Lethal, but I've read with growing concern and anger over George Morris' business practices over the years.

I reckon that "After Five" Towing wouldn't stay around very long if they received regular calls from a wide variety of sources for bogus towing jobs. The wasted gas and missed oportunities for real work would add up. Perhaps the threat of being at such a disadvantage would convince George to find another calling.

This community doesn't deserve to have this predatory clown in business.

I get really tired of reading stories in this publication that are very heavy on accusation and light on fact. The facts of this case have yet to be determined but it seems as if "The Hook" is already playing judge, jury and executioner for Lethal Wrecker, The quest of this paper to consistently chase after any story related to Lethal Wrecker reeks of yellow journalism. It leads one to look for motives that might propel a person or group of people to viciously attack someone without establishing the facts of the case. Could it be that Lethal Wrecker is a minority owned business in a predominantly white area that makes them such a target? Could it be related to ties between hook staff members and other area towing companies? I'm just asking some questions that anyone reading this article might want to consider before they accept this rather one sided portrayal of the story.

In closing, I would ask how many companies (towing, Pizza delivery, ETC) in Charlottesville employ drivers that have been involved in accidents where there were injuries or even fatalities?

How many of those accidents ended up on the cover of the hook?

I would encourage everyone that reads this to question why exactly this is any different.

What a tragedy - what a wreck - probably caused by a sleepy driver trying to keep up with costs of a company drowning in debt and willing cheat customers to stay afloat. A terrible thing for Mr. Weatherly and his family to endure. It does sound, however, as though he will recover. Compounding the problems for everyone is an amazingly expensive bone graft operation to make matters worse.

This was a very good article. I especially like the phone call from The Hook, where Lethal Towing answered the phone under their new name "After Five Towing." I’m also disgusted by the fact that George Morris’s company has injured someone that severely, and then he publicly states “he doesn’t even know the victims name.” George Morris is clearly a liar, and that alone is a bad combination for a business owner who uses our highways to operate.

George Morris is still charging storage fees for cars that he has had less than 24 hours and now even bouncing checks but driving a new personal truck.

You must be kidding. Yellow journalism??? The facts are have been established in the Charlottesville court when Lethal was ordered to pay back the people he overcharged. You can't really excuse Lethal and George Morris for this man's injuries or their reckless regard for good customer service. "Could it be that Lethal Wrecker is a minority owned business in a predominantly white area that makes them such a target?" Lethal Wrecker is not the only minority owned business in town. This is about rude - unprofesional - lying - cheating business practices. Now to claim bankruptcy to get out of his obligations is just another pathetic example of who the owner of Lethal really is.

I would just like to say Peter my Uncle will recover but not becuase of the great help he got at UVA or the numerous prayers world wide or even the great family support but becuase Peter Weatherly is one tough explitive. The fact of the matter is it takes a strong will power to come back from such a horrific accident and to be told the he will not even be covered for the outstanding medical expenses is one thing this great man should not have to be hearing. Now I know some of you might say we don't know the facts and I even don't know everything that happened that horrific day, but the fact of the matter is it is the drivers responsibility to be able to drive and stay inbetween the lines, and if this driver was worked to the point that he was to tired to drive then it is the companies fault and for me to here that they are trying to blaim it on somebody else is rediculous. I mean with a name like Lethal towing whether it be your surname or not is just really asking for something like this to happen. I would like to say I thank the Hook for this story and the many many people who played a role in getting pete up and running again, expectially UVA medical center because I am sure if it had been any other hospital he would have been in real trouble. i have been told since I got my driver's liscense that driving is the responsibility of the driver and no body else, well this driver messed up and we all do but his mistake was one that cannot be solved by a nice apology letter. Thanks for your time. Andrew Armfield Weatherly

Fed Up:

Your "hypothetical" suggestion to bombard a business with bogus calls is unfair, and probaby not legal.

That said, "unfair and illegal" seems to be the way Lethal operates. I'm on board.

How about some facts: Implying that that the Hook is racially biased or somehow connected to competing towing companies is just plain ridiculous. C'Ville Weekly has published similar stories about Lethal (going back for some time.)

Tow companies are America's no.1 homegrown terror organizations. I often wonder why they so often have such close ties to law-enforcement agencies. How can we distinguish the criminals from the enforcers of the law? Thank god for AAA. Give them hell Pete!

All I am saying is that there are 2 sides to every story, why isn't the trucking company that was involved in this crash taken to task in the same way (they also declined comment)? This story is very slanted towards one perspective in a case where there are very few established facts. All I would ask is that we be reasonable and let the courts do their job of determining what happened in this case, but it seems to me "the hook" would rather jump to the conclusion that Lethal is at fault regardless of what actually occurred. I think if you were to look at court dockets statewide you would find towing companies are often brought to court, it is a hazard of the business, I would challenge you to find a tow truck company in Charlottesville that has not been to court in the last 2 years. So the fact that Lethal has agreed to settle cases in court or only proves that they decided it was less costly to do that then to continue to fight the case, nothing else. Once the facts are established if Lethal is found to be at fault then this is a news story, until then this is just speculative, tabloid style journalism designed to elicit a specific response from those who read it. I am someone who questions everything I read, I refuse to be brainwashed into believing whatever someone puts in front of me. Everybody has an agenda.

The real culprit in this mess is the local goverment for not enacting tougher laws to combat these terrorists. In other jurisdictions when you hold someones property for money that is called extortion. It should not be a civil offense when they refuse to give a car back for the proper amount, it should be a criminal offense.All they need to do is make it a criminal offense to deliberatly do so, then send lethal a certified letter form the prosecuters office explaining the truth and consequences and the ARREST HIS SORRY ASS FOR BEING A CRIMINAL.

A couple of years ago, My current boyfriend and I needed to get his vehicle towed, we ran out of gas on 64. A police officer stopped to see what assistance we needed. He dispached for us and Lethal Wrecker came out. We didn't have any on hand cash so the driver of the wrecker offered to take us to a nearby atm machine, where by boyfriend got out to get cash as he crossed in front of the wrecker, the Lethal Wrecker driver said that if I gave him $50.00 he would run over my boyfriend for me. needless to say, my commets to him weren't very nice and full of curse words. I haven't used Lethal Wrecker since.

Hey "Facts" --- I think you are George Morris. I hope the Hook runs a very sympathetic piece on the demise of your business. If "Fed Up"'s suggestion takes hold, you're history. (I'll use a pay phone, FYI)

I'm not George Morris or anybody that works for him or anyone related to him. I'm just someone who reads with a critical eye and isn't willing to join some half-witted lynch mob to persecute someone that hasn't been convicted of anything. Every response posted here assumes that what is printed in this "newspaper" is a fact. All I see is theory and conjecture written in a way that is designed to elicit a specific emotional response. Some might even call it propaganda, I would rather have everyone that reads the article make that decision for themselves. I simply choose not to blindly accept everything that I read at face value.

An angry George Morris, Lethal's owner, declined to answer questions about Weatherly's lawsuit, except to say, "Who's Peter Weatherly? He hung up after threatening, "You're going to be facing a lawsuit."

George Morris is an arrogant businessman who uses our roads to make a good living at the expense of his companies victims. Because the law cannot prosecute him personally, he will only do it again, and then simply change the name of his company to something else like "After Five Towing" again.

How About some Facts...... "Every response posted here assumes that what is printed in this "newspaper" is a fact. All I see is theory and conjecture written in a way that is designed to elicit a specific emotional response"...... Why do you read this rag, and why waste your time arguing with "half-wits"?

As an educated person I try to read as much as I can as often as possible. I try not to limit my perspective to reading just those publications that share the same views as me. I value differing opinions and would take no issue with this article if it were written as an editorial. My problem is that this is written as a news story , which it is clearly not. There is clearly an editorial bias in this article that precludes one from interpreting it as a news story. I am simply pointing things out to the other educated people that might be reading this and making them aware of some of the holes in its structure and the flaws in its logic. That is the basis of constructing any good argument. It was also not my intention to call anyone that reads this article a half wit. My comment was clearly taken out of context, which to be honest seems to be a tactic used by the writers of this article as well as its readers. Here is what I said "I'm just someone who reads with a critical eye and isn't willing to join some half-witted lynch mob to persecute someone that hasn't been convicted of anything." I stand behind that if you are willing to disrupt a business and try to ruin a company just based on what you read in a free tabloid newspaper then perhaps your time would be better spent looking for Elvis or Aliens based on what turns up in the Weekly World News although you would have to pay a dollar or so at your supermarket checkout for that kind of credibility.

This story of an innocent victim is more than a wake-up call to all drivers that we are responsible for our actions when getting behind the wheel. More importantly, it is an inspirational story of the innocent victim, Peter Weatherly, and his amazing determination to make a comeback against all odds. He amazed the fire and rescue crews who responded to the scene who found him literally crushed and in shock. He amazed the ER staff and surgeons by surviving that day and he continually amazes his physical therapists, family and friends with his quiet determination and positive attitude. This young man has given his all to youth in this community, both in teaching at a school for young boys with special needs and being a winning little league coach at Cove Creek. He was an avid AT hiker and a talented musician with a beautiful voice. He has been an inspiration to everyone he meets who barely know him. The odds of surviving were against him: 1,000 to 1. His life, and that of his family and girlfriend, was turned upside down due to an errant driver. Rather than spending his spring and summer going through rigorous spring training and calling out signals, he's quietly going through painful physical therapy including working on getting his voice back. He looks forward to being able to throw a baseball again. His is a story for a John Grisham movie - an inspirational story of faith, determination, spirit, and the power of prayer.

Facts: Just Google "Lethal Wrecker"
Here's one....

That is a very balanced and well written article, it tells me that Lethal agreed to settle a lawsuit that was brought against them. They were able to settle 21 cases for 1120.00 dollars of alleged overcharges. Have you ever been overcharged at the grocery store? Did you sue them? As someone looking from the outside it looks to me like a few things, the average settlement was 53.00 dollars, hardly what I would call road piracy, and over the course of 2 years there were only 21 people who could come forward and say they were overcharged for impound towing, that not a large number for that long a period of time. That is less then one a month. If you owned a business which would be easier, settling the case or spending the money on an attorney to fight 21 cases of around 50.00 dollars each. I would settle too, even if I was right. I said this earlier, I would challenge you to find any towing company local or otherwise that has not been taken to court at some point over some issue similar to this, it is a hazard of the job. If you see this article as some sort of validation of the irrational course of actions that you suggest I would simply ask who do you work for? Have they ever been sued ? If they employ more then one or two people and have been in business for a couple of years then my guess is yes. We live in a litigious society and people file frivolous lawsuits everyday. As a businessperson you have to decide which ones you fight and which ones you pay. I would also say that in no way does this make "George Morris a danger to the community" as some have asserted, This article contains some actual quotes from him that tell his side of the story, something that this paper (The Hook) has been sorely lacking in every article they have ever published about Lethal Wrecker.

Amazing how you can have a victim, nearly killed by a tow truck that anybody can see in any photo, and then have a disreputable company on the other side - a documented liar at that - and still find someone to take the side of the Big Guy. I guess it just hurts too much to admit that on occasion the Little Guy has been genuinely wronged and deserves justice.

Yes, you don't sue the grocery store when you're overcharged. Usually nothing happens. You're lucky to get refunded.

But if you or I shoplift, we go to jail.

People like "How about some facts" like that system, where corporations are victim, lawsuits are all frivolity, and where even discussing a case like this is forbidden.

Maybe the problem you have here is that, for Lethal, its just not a very good story to tell.

You have me all wrong "shill" I am 100 percent in agreement with you that the victim in this accident deserves justice. The difference between you and I is that I am reserving judgment until this case has run its course and all of the facts have been determined. You have already made your decision in this case based on this article, and extended liability not only to the driver from Lethal but to their maniacal corporate structure and evil owner. I am simply reiterating that this article is light on facts and heavy on speculation. Its not a big guy vs. little guy argument, if anything its little guy vs. little guy. You seem like the type of person that wants to fault companies for all of societies’ problems before they have ever had their day in court but that is a generalization without a factual basis and those are the type of things I am suggesting we avoid. So instead of attacking me why don't you tell me exactly how you know what happened in this case, were you there? And then explain to me how someone settling 21 civil cases for 1120.00 dollars equates to them being a danger to the community. When a Papa John's driver has an accident is their CEO directly responsible? Does he (the CEO) then become a danger to the community by default? The problem here is that you would rather attack people like me or George Morris personally because of what you think we represent based on what is written for you in a publication like this with an agenda instead of taking the time to look beyond the opinions that they are dictating to you and trying to find the facts of a case for yourself before you rush to judgment. I guess burning a few witches never hurt anyone, right?

I am not sure if you are connected to George Morris or just unaware. George Morris is not the CEO of a large chain. He is the owner of a local towing service that wants us as consumers to use. However he has overcharged, lied, been rude, and now wants to skip out on his responsibility to a man that could have died due to his employees actions. By all accounts this driver crossed the center line and hit the car and to put icing on the cake George Morris would say he doesn't know him. I wonder if it were you or your loved one if you would have the same opinion. It is his disregard for the customer that angers people. You should go to www.courts.state.va.us/ then enter albemarle and charlottesville active and inactive and do some research on Floyd Dean and George Morris. I am certain if you researched most of the drivers that have worked for him you would be very surprised. And then just remember that next time one of the Lethal trucks crosses the center line it could be you or your family member.

Hey facts man, I work with Mr Weatherly and have worked with him before the horrible accident. I have a fact for you, Pete and his car were totalled. The Hook article gives you plenty of facts. The truck crossed the center lane and hit a car. I think that's an established fact. Lethal is well-known all over Charlottesville for ridiculous business practices. As soon as we found out at Little Keswick School that Pete was hit by a Lethal truck, several of my fellow employees said things like "Oh, it figures it was Lethal, don't those guys have a ton of lawsuits on their hands?" The fact is that people fear this company not because of any article written in a magazine but because of word of mouth. Word of mouth can make or break a business and I hope it does in this case. When the service gets crummy at the local doughnut shop, we go buy from another doughnut shop. The Hook is simply, once again, providing another example of Lethal's careless and sketchy reputation. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty but everyone knows Lethal has effected Pete Weatherly's life forever: that's a fact. And if the Hook decided to be completely biased on this issue they would be rightly justified to do so due to Lethal's "lethal" reputation. Sometimes, communities need to rise up together to fight businesses that hurt communities. Pete is back at work when he can be and brightening our days once again with his smile and warmth. If George Morris is unaware that Mr Weatherly exists he should come down to Keswick sometime and see the real life hero and survivor of his careless and dangerous business practices.

Mr Weatherly may be overly portrayed as the victim in this article, but even if he was not injured in the crash Goerge Morris sould at least have the courtecy to acknowledge it was his companies fault. you want facts, ask the witnesses and take a good long look at Mr weatherly's car. o and by the way Facts, i have seen people sue for under $30. its not that the person wants the money, its that they want the violators to pay for what they did, understand they cant do it and to bring them some sense of justice. the fact that i am only 16 does not say that i do not understand the law and the people affected. everyone who reads this should understand that. these comments could be written by 2 year olds for all i care it still doesnt matter. these are just comments and opinions, respect them, everyone can say anything and you cant say they are wrong.

they are still at it as of 12-6-06 !!!! even after having been ordered by the courts to stop...they took my car hostage and refused to even let me get my legal papers out of the trunk in time for court..untill i paid them the 150.0 ransom(in cash) that the courts have decided to be unlawfull. the sdtate police continue to use these scofflaws in spite of thier record and abuse of the citizenry. i,m suing them in ch'ville just for fun...but i,m seriously considering a suit against the commonwealth of virgina in federal court under the captain of the ship provisions for knowingly using this servise after its record of abuse....

10/10/2007 Well he hasn't changed any. I am the lienholder on a vehicle that was abandoned and he was called to tow it. After 32 days, he notified me of the $1475 I owed him to get my vehicle back. When I questioned the amount, he said he would "settle" for $775. Later, I looked up the Virginia code and told him that $500 was the max he could legally charge for storage. As has been stated, he bacame very arrogant and nasty, but agreed to "accept" $625 cash. They now answer to Cavalier Wrecking, so the dance goes on.

Lethal Wrecker, now called Cavalier, is an atrocious organization. Don't be fooled!! Now it is called Cavalier! Don't call them!

george morris is a great business man you idiots i have been towed by charlottesville wrecker and personally they sucked i admit lethal and george made mistakes but have you ever seen a story about charlottesville wrecker in this stupid magazine.answer is no they have made the same mistakes as lethal.they have damaged cars,no story,over charge,no story come on people you belive all this garbage then your just some dumb americans

i worked for lethal at the time of the name change and trust me thats all that has changed.If a inspector pulled over anyone of his trucks and checked them they would pull them off the road ...the man cant even pay his child support much less fix a truck

Cavalier has towed my car twice in less than 6 months. The first time I was given four different reasons as to why my car was towed. This was after I had called Albemarle county and reported my car stolen. Albemarle police knew exactly where to call to find my car. When I was given these reasons the police knew that my car had been towed wrongfully. I asked could they make Cavalier bring my car back I was told no that it was a civil matter and that I would have to go to court. That time I had to $195.00 to get my car back.The second time I had to pay $150.00 and when I asked why my car was towed. They could not give me an answer so I asked could the dispatcher find out and give me a call back. I am still waiting for that call. I have deciced that I am not going to put up with this I am going to pursue legal action because I work to hard to just give my money away. I

Well what can I say...I'm truly shocked that now even after all the publicity the George Morris's unprofessional demeanor and sagga contunues here in Charlottesville. He has changed the business name to Cavalier and even C&C Wrecking Service which is a disgrace to this community. When you say the name Cavalier you think of the University of Virginia Cavaliers. This is a prestigous college that needs no affillation with these people. Please someone do something about this man. It will be soon 2010 and nothing has changed. Please do another article in the Hook asking for feedback you will be shocked of the responses.
Concerned Citizen