CORRECTIONS- Jewish school, mold house, 29-timing 'bomb' kid

There were several inaccuracies in our August 24 edition:

• In the article about the Charlottesville Community Jewish Day School, "Making menschen: Jewish school preps for 2nd year." Former head of school Dick Lavine's name was misspelled, and a quotation regarding his departure was misattributed to new head of school Jan Chase, who says Lavine actually left mid-year due to a health issue. Chase previously worked at a Jewish Day School in Washington, and the local school's original space was on the second floor of Christ Church, not in the basement, as the Hook's story asserted.

• In "Still Moldy: American Dream turns sour," the Butlers' pre-sale home inspection noted not mold, as reported, but mildew.

 • In the story "County criticized: Teen's parents consider lawsuit," an editing error caused us to erroneously report that Albemarle police officer Linda Jenkins asked a 13-year-old the boy 29 times if an alleged plot might have been real. Actually, it was the boy who told Jenkins 29 times that there was no truth to the bomb plot.