4BETTER OR WORSE- The week in review

Worst plane crash: A Delta commuter taking off on the wrong runway at a Lexington, Kentucky, airport crashes early August 27, killing 49 people, the worst domestic plane crash in nearly five years.

Saddest local ties: UVA alum Marcie Thomason, class of 2003, was onboard the Lexington flight, the Cavalier Daily reports. So, too, was Cecile Moscoe, 29, a 1995 graduate of Madison County High School, according to the Newsplex.

Worst fall: Skydiver Michael Bruce Ramon, 31, dies at Orange County Airport August 26.

Most misbehaved: Delta Tau Delta fraternity's national organization disbands the local chapter at 129 Chancellor Street because of hazing and alcohol abuse, Aaron Kessler reports in the Progress. The chapter may be eligible for a comeback once all current brothers have graduated, perhaps in 2009.

Most MBAers: Darden has a record enrollment– 338 first years– up from the expected 300-0310, the Cav Daily reports.

Oddest disappearing act: After crashing a van carrying his wife and two children into a tree on Dickerson Road August 19, Colin Glasgow, 43, finally turns up near the accident spot August 23, and is treated at UVA Medical Center for dehydration and a leg injury, say police. Glasgow was wanted on two counts of felony child endangerment and one count of leaving the scene, and has been charged with three counts of abduction and one assault and battery on a family member.

Murkiest waters: The Waynesboro YMCA is under state Department of Environmental Quality investigation after dumping swimming pool cleaner and approximately 80,000 gallons of chlorinated water into the South River, the News Virginian reports.

Most rabid: A river otter repeatedly chomps down on Marla Hundley as she swims in Claytor Lake August 24, according to a Roanoke Times story. The otter escapes, and Hundley is undergoing rabies shots.

Best news for Jerry's Kids: UVA researchers, led by pathologist Dr. Mani Mahadevan, have tracked down the molecule that may be responsible for muscular dystrophy.

Best option for careless nights: The FDA approves over-the-counter sales of the morning-after pill, Plan B, for women 18 and older. 

Best state for business: Virginia edges out Texas and North Carolina in commerce attractiveness, according to Forbes. Virginia's regulatory environment ranks number one of 50 states in a list of factors attractive for commerce.

Worst case of "o brother, where art thou?" Michael Morva, the shackled brother of escapee and alleged cop killer William Morva, appears in a Christiansburg court and yells to reporters that he had nothing to do with his brother's rampage, the Times Dispatch reports. Michael Morva is charged with conspiracy to commit escape. Authorities say the charges stem from January, when both brothers were in jail.

Juiciest celebrity break-up: Tom Cruise gets dumped by Paramount after a lucrative 14-year relationship. The studio claims Cruise's recent off-screen antics hurt revenues for Mission Impossible III

Worst solar system shake-up: Pluto is downgraded from real planet to dwarf planet August 24 by the International Astronomical Union.

Slowest apology: Almost two weeks after calling UVA student S. R. Sidarth "Macaca" on August 11, Senator George Allen phones the fourth year August 23 to tender an apology, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

Biggest bounce: Dem challenger Jim Webb leads Allen 47.9 percent to 46.6 percent, according to a Wall Street Journal/Zogby poll, which has a 3.2 percent margin of error and was conducted August 15-21.

Shortest essay to get into Larry Sabato's coveted 20-person political seminar: The Washington Post says S.R. Sidarth simply wrote: "I am Macaca."