MYRIDE- Scott Jones: 2001 Freightliner FL70

Driving a beer truck has a big upside, says Scott Jones, who's been driving for local  distributor Blue Ridge Beverage for the past five months.

"The best thing is everyone loves the beer guy," laughs Jones, 25, who worked for Circuit City before getting behind the wheel for Blue Ridge. "You get in good with a lot of bars and restaurants, so that's a big perk."

Jones, who delivers an assortment of beers to drinking establishments on the Downtown Mall and the Corner, also enjoys his (very sober) time behind the wheel.

"When you're in a small car, you have to stop for big vehicles," he says. "When you're in a big truck, you don't have to stop– they'll stop for you."

Any downsides?

"Sometimes backing down small alleys is hard," he admits. And a lack of passenger space means there's no space for any of those scantily clad "beer girls." 

"The Miller Lite girls come out at night," he says, "but they don't ride in the truck."

Scott Jones