4BETTER OR WORSE- The week in review

Latest in the Earl Washington saga: Charges are being brought against Rebecca Lynn Williams' real killer. Washington was convicted of her 1982 rape and murder, and was held on Death Row until DNA cleared him and Governor Jim Gilmore pardoned him in 2000. Genetic evidence links Kenneth Maurice Tinsley, 60, who is already incarcerated.

Second-best public university– again: UVA ties with University of Michigan in this year's U.S. News & World Report rankings of the nation's colleges. In national rankings, Georgetown edges past UVA, which slips to 24th, from last year's tie for the 23 spot.

Iviest: Newsweek names UVA to its list of "New Ivies"– 25 universities competitive with the Ivy League.

Biggest traffic jam: Police greet an estimated 9,000 to 10,000 vehicles on Grounds as 3,125 first years and 533 transfers mark Move-In Day August 19.

Biggest Turner slam: Karen Ramirez blasts former dean of African-American affairs Rick Turner in a Cavalier Daily op-ed piece, calling him "neither a scholar nor a gentleman," as well as skewering the university for lauding his tenure.

Better quitting through pharmaceuticals: UVA's addiction guru, Bankole Johnson, surveys the latest ways to stop smoking in the current Archives of Internal Medicine, and notes a couple of new drugs– varenicline and topiramate– that may make nicotine patches obsolete.  

Best college/beer collaboration: Anheuser-Busch ponies up $1.25 million to build UVA's new Anheuser-Busch Coastal Research Center, which will be dedicated August 26. The new $2.5 million facility is a base for the university's long-term ecological research on Virginia's Eastern Shore. 

Most magnetic: The American Nurses Credentialing Center dubs on-probation UVA Medical Center a "magnet" for its nursing care. 

Biggest boot from alleged state office: Governor Tim Kaine's office writes UVA to ask that Professor Patrick Michaels not use the title of "state climatologist," according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Despite Michaels' appointment by Governor John Dalton in 1980, state code does not provide for the governor to appoint a state climatologist, his missive states.

Fastest growing: The White Hall district, which had 144 single-family housing permits issued the past 12 months, compared to five in the Jack Jouett district. White Hall includes growth area Crozet, but of those permits, 60 percent were in the rural area compared to only 18 percent in the designated growth area, according to School Board member Brian Wheeler. 

Biggest underage drinking bust: Partying teens at the Key West Club are interrupted by police August 19. Two 18-year-olds are arrested, as are six of the 17 juvenile partiers.

Quietest barrier breaker: Gloria R. Kasey Smith, whose December 9 death was just reported in the fall edition of the UVA alumni magazine. The 1974 graduate was a Monroeville, Pennsylvania physician said to be UVA's first African American cheerleader and Lawn resident.

Worst alleged news story: John Mark Karr claims to be the killer of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsay and is shipped back to the United States from Thailand, seemingly before investigators establish whether he could have been in Boulder in 1996.

Juiciest alleged news story: Osama bin Laden had a thing for Whitney Houston and allegedly talked about taking out her husband, Bobby Brown, says novelist Kola Boof, who claims in her autobiography, Diary of a Little Lost Girl, to have been bin Laden's sex slave 10 years ago, the Daily Mail reports.