MYRIDE- Garry Anderson: 1988 Ford Mustang GT

We trust our cars with "precious cargo"– whether family members or trusty construction materials– and safety features are usually a big selling point. But sometimes a brand name alone can be reassuring. Just ask Garry Anderson what drew him to his 1988 Ford Mustang GT.

 "I'm just a Ford man," he says.

 And while he feels all Fords are special, there's one model Anderson cherishes above the rest.

"I just love Mustangs!" he exclaims.

He's shown that love with lots of labor. 

"I overhauled the motor," he says. "It has a new transmission, new wheels, and a new stereo."

Since it's a sports car, Anderson admits that style– rather than safety or practicality– is what makes the Mustang a classic.

"I like the body," he says. "It's a two-door sedan with a sun roof, tinted glass, and bucket seats."

Anderson's primary interest may be the Mustang's aesthetic, but that doesn't make him a reckless driver.

"I've never wrecked it!" he says.

Judging from the reactions Anderson gets when he drives his car around– to work at UVA, or to church– others are just as drawn to his Mustang as he is.

"I've been approached by random people who have offered me money to buy the car," he says.

Garry Anderson