MYRIDE- Greg Gough: 2006 E-Ton Beamer Matrix

Riding a scooter has its perks, says Greg Gough, who bought his latest ride, a black Beamer Matrix model, about four months ago. 

Ease of use is one.

"It has no gears," he says. "I put the key in, push the button, and it goes."

Gough, warehouse receiving supervisor for Standard Produce on Preston Avenue, had another scooter before this one, but it "got too many miles on it," he explains, so he traded up.

The best part about his scooter?

"It's cheap on gas," he says. Commuting from his downtown home to work, he spends less than $3 a week filling up the one-gallon tank, which will take him approximately 20 miles.

Another good thing about the scooter: it's strong.

"I'm a 300-pound man," says Gough. "It carries me." And a passenger, too, says the safety conscious driver, "as long as they're wearing a helmet."