Francois J. and Katherine L. Martin to Ted J. and Judith P. Geissler, 0.199 acres at 1999 English Oaks Circle North, Forest Lakes South, $395,000.

Virginia Land LLC to Southland Homes Inc., 1340 Stoney Point Road, Montgomery Ridge, $250,000.

Gregory A. and Carol A. Gephart to Francois J. and Katherine L. Martin, 0.369 acres at 2914 Chimney Springs, Chimney Springs, Forest Lakes South, $499,000.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Chandra M. Motam, condominium unit at Parkside at Eagles Landing, 122 Yellowstone Drive, $146,260.

Jean and Charles E. Scott Jr. to Jean Scott, 2.340 acres at 675 Bridlepath Drive, Bedford Hills, gift.

Skyline Home Builders LLC to William M. and Lori G. Mihalko, 2.006 acres at 3150 Rocks Farm Court, the Rocks, $1,129,000.


Donald W. and Deborah C. Foster, trustees, to Swisher Land Enterprises, 0.926 acres at 3705 Doubleann Drive, Airport Center, $1,200,000.

Catherine B. Custalow to Kenyon D. and Terry P. Terrell, 0.047 acres at 4754 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $258,000.

King Ehrlich Investment Co. Inc. to Phydele Ehrlich, 130.08 acres on the north side of State Route 627, $566,000.

Redlands LLC to MGR Development Corp., 0.204 acres at Ballard Field, Old Trail, $275,000.

Highland Farm LLC to Liberty Homes Inc., 7.8 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $110,000.

F. Ludwig Carrera and J. Scott Just to John H. and Wendi R. Gruninger, 0.106 acres in Old Trail townhouses, $340,000.

Elizabeth A. Edwards to Yusuf M. Khan, townhouse at 431 Maple View Court, Willow Lake, $279,000.

Keswick Corp. to Brian K. and Julianne Nagel, 2.007 acres in Keswick Estates, $407,500.

Robert D. and Elizabeth D. Smith to Sean E. and Karen H. O'Rourke, 0.331 acres at 1605 Sagewood Drive, Mill Creek, $342,000.

Emmett W. Toms Jr. to Robert D. and Elizabeth W. Smith, 2.190 acres at 2441 Holkham Drive, Lewis Hill, $487,500.

Steven G. Valentine to Frank E. Kramer, 5.85 acres on the north side of State Route 20, $125,000.


Penny B. and Bobby D. Martin Sr. to Duane and Sharon Martin, 42.253 acres at 4025 Martin Valley Farm, Troy, $925,000.

Lisa Marie Centofanti to Marc Sebstian and Isabelle Hengartner, 522 Whitcover Circle, Stonehenge townhouses, $210,000.

Dallas A. Allen and Catherine A. English to Stanley M. and Marita F. Sokolowski, 0.309 acres at 208 Westminster Road, Canterbury Hills, $397,000.

Thomas C. and Kay T. Hill to Alan J. and Rosanna K. Coles, 0.346 acres at 328 Copper Hill Drive, Mill Creek, $371,900.

Paula R. Wesley-Jones to Quarfarrah C. Humes, 0.101 acres at 4601 Heather Court, Briarwood, $124,000.

Hessian Hills LLC to Kenneth B. and Deborah B. Hamilton, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 141 Hessian Hills Circle, $149,900.

Bailey Realty LLC to Lee G. and Katherine M. Rainey, 3.170 acres at 1918 Brown's Gap Turnpike, $540,000.

Abdeljalil and Dorothy Dougadir to Jennifer B. and Mercer W. Magill, 6.690 acres at 3729 Ashleigh Way Road, Ashleigh subdivision, Barboursville, $460,000.

Wallace M. Forloines to GTF Homes LLC, 2.993 acres in Mountain Vista subdivision, $134,500.

William K. and Lenora G. King to John C. Gilday and Emily P. Hagan, 2820 Northfields Road, Northfields, $369,200.

Wendel W. Gibson Inc. to Kevin M. and Carolyn A. Brady, 0.464 acres at 1963 Ridgetop Drive, Mosby Mountain, $460,617.

Howard H. and Patti K. Scott to Harrison F. and Norma A. Bartle, unit in Glenwood Station condominiums, 949 Glenwood Station Lane, $260,000.

Artisan Development LLC to R. Wayne Mawyer, 2.346 acres at Fray's Mill, $222,160.

Kenneth F. Thurston to Catherine A. English and Dallas A. Allen, 1.358 acres at 2624 Huntington Road, Northfields, $450,000.


Jo Ann Elswick to Shafique and Shoeb Ahmed, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 104 Turtle Creek Road, $172,000.

Jonathan A. and Carol A. Boersma to Stuart L. Rifkin, 2605 Northfields Road, Northfields, $333,750.

Timothy S. Olson and Mira B. Stone to Donald D. Nicholson Jr., 0.133 acres at 198 Albert Court, Camellia Gardens, $184,500.

Selene M. and Roger J. Boutin to Roger J. Boutin, 0.409 acres at 465 Fontana Drive, Fontana, gift.

John S. Evans to Ted J. and Judith P. Geissler, 0.233 acres at 1136 Rustic Willow Lane, Forest Lakes South, $335,000.

Phyllis Raines and Clarence E. Morris to Tammy J. and Kenas L. Shiflett Jr., 7.52 acres in White Hall Magisterial District, $150,000.

Mariano and Rebecca Dia-Bonilla to James and Doris Vargo, 0.383 acres at 1113 River Oaks Lane, River Oaks, Dunlora, $680,000.

Weston Development Co. to Jonathan A. and Carol A. Boersma, 1.427 acres at 4235 Redwood Lane, Walnut Hills, Earlysville, $680,000.

George A. Bowles III to Nancy T. Bowles, 0.230 acres at 76 Oak Forest Circle, Oak Forest, $290,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Sarah B. Lovejoy, 1059 Haden Terrace, Ballard Field, Old Trail, $265,000.

Mark S. and Gaytha C. Lindensmith to Andrew Foss and Suzanne W. Vance, trustees, 1.01 acres at 969 Buck Mountain Road, $358,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Clayton D. and Michelle D. Wilson, 0.502 acres at 1431 Singleton Lane, Mosby Mountain, $388,797.

Gregory G. and Stephanie L. Gillette to Steven L. and Christine l. Howell, 0.112 acres at 1149 Rustic Willow Lane, Forest Lakes South, $280,000.

Evergreen Land Company to Contracting Services Inc., 0.464 acres at 1945 Ridgetop Drive, Mosby Mountain, $125,000.

Charles D. Patterson to Michael B. Grinder, 5.083 acres at Burruss Branch, $1,225,000.

John Baxton and Margaret E. Davis to Quinton D. Harrell, 0.046 acres at 4737 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $275,000.


Southland Homes Inc. to Mildred and Michael R. Vincel Jr., trustees, 0.582 acres at 1740 Monet Hill, Montgomery Ridge, $539,950.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Michael K. and Michele M. Shepherd, 0.459 acres at 2035 Ridgetop Drive, Mosby Mountain, $569,905.

J. W. Townsend, Trustee, to Hurt Investment Co., four lots in Echols Subdivision, $350,000.

Hannon B. Graves to Charles Linder, 2.08 acres on State Route 641, $110,000.

Tony B. Lam to Luca Paschina, 23.809 acres at Barboursville, $98,000.

Betty B. Riley to Eastmont LLC, 9.328 acres at 6943 Gordonsville Road, $390,000.

White Gables Charlottesville LC to Jackson B. and Maria D. Gilbert, unit in White Gables Pavision III, White Gables Lane, $687,958.

David L. and Helen B. Roberts to Robert D. and Elizabeth H. Sly, 0.235 acres at at 1688 Foxtail Pines, Aspenwood Forest, Forest Lakes South, $406,800.

Big Deal


Penny B. and Bobby D. Martin Sr. to Duane and Sharon Martin, 42.253 acres at 4025 Martin Valley Farm, Troy, $925,000.