MY RIDE- Kevin Reilly- 1992 BMW 850-I

While rabbits' feet and precious gems serve as good luck charms for many people, Kevin Reilly prefers something a little bigger– his BMW 850i. And not only is it lucky, it's unusual.

"During the production year of my '92, they sold only 200 in the U.S," Reilly says.

The rarity of Reilly's model and its luminous silver color turn heads all around town, but the shiny car also draws negative attention.

"When cops stop me for speeding tickets– which is often– they always say 'This isn't a '92!' because it looks like a new model," Reilly says.

The car is but the latest in a series of four BMWs Reilly has purchased over the years. High speed is a big draw, he says.

"I took it to a race track at Summit Point, West Virginia with four or five other guys with BMWs," Reilly says. "I got it up to 140 mph on a straightaway."

While the powerful V-12 engine results in sticker shock at the gas station, the pride Reilly takes in his car makes it worth getting just 12 miles to the gallon.

"Everyone tells me it's the sexiest BMW they've ever seen," he boasts.

Kevin Reilly


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