MY RIDE- Charlie Hufnagle- 2000 Chrysler Town and Country

Charlie Hufnagle has imagined himself as a lot of things– existentialist philosopher, pretentious filmmaker, even dictator of a small country. But soccer mom? That wasn't something the 17-year-old dreamed he'd be.

His family, however, had other plans for him.

"Since I am the newest driver, I'm the one who drives my sisters around, picks up groceries, and if it were applicable I would be picking up my kids from soccer practice as well," he explains. 

Along with the chauffer-like job description that comes with being an honorary soccer mom, Hufnagle experiences perks that are not available to the average teenage driver.

"Since people mistake me for an easily angered soccer mom, they tend to clear my path in the road immediately," he jokes, "Unless it's another soccer mom, and then we engage in a 'battle of the soccer moms' that is similar to Speed Racer."

While arriving at school functions in a mini-van might not grant him the instant admiration of his peers, the advantages of its functionality outweigh its homemaker image.

"It's great because you can almost always fit just about anyone in who needs a ride," he says, "and the back seat is also very spacious and good for naps."

Charlie Hufnagle


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