REAL ESTATE- Commercial construction permits



Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc., pre-fab storage shed for storage at tower site, $5,780.

Mark Properties LLC, co-locate tower antenna to rooftop, $5,000.

Weather Hill Development LLC, demo residential structure built approximately late 1960s, $20,000.

Pantops Shopping Center LLC, install illuminated logo sign, $3,300.

Worrell Land & Development Co. LC, three sets of illuminated channel letter wall signs at Hilton Garden Inn, $75,000.

University of Virginia Foundation, two mobile office trailers with generator, $25,000.

County of Albemarle School Board, relocate five mobile classrooms from rear of the school site to front, Cale Elementary School, $40,000.

Jackrabbit Partners LLC, mobile office trailer at Broadway Court for Rudy's Rug Cleaning, $2,000.

Albemarle County Service Authority, co-locate tower antenna to side of water tank, $5,000.

Shoppes of Clover Lawn LLC, install hydraulic elevator, $44,920.