MY RIDE- The Nice Jenkins- 1989 Dodge 350 Ram van with turtle top

The turtle top is cool, sure, and so is the band's name painted on the side. But the best thing about this van, belonging to local rockers The Nice Jenkins?

"The urinal!" laughs drummer Adam Brock, detailing how the band– tired of frequent stops– hooked a funnel to a piece of plastic tubing and ran the tubing out the door. 

"So, wait," you might be wondering. "Where does it...?" Trust us, that's a question you don't want to ask.

The Dodge– actually owned by guitarist Jordan Brunk– has taken the five-member band to gigs up and down the East Coast, and in November it really proved its horsepower, hauling the Jenkins and a second band, Truman Sparks, on tour.

"There were 10 of us in here for two weeks," says Brock. "We slept in it one night. Pretty fun, huh?"

As for the ride, Brock and guitarist Rob Cheatham say it's not the smoothest.

"It feels really unsafe when you're driving unless you're in the driver's seat," says Cheatham.

One can only imagine that endangered feeling is worsened for anyone putting the fun in funnel...

Adam Brock and Rob Cheatham


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