LETTER- First and Main towers over church

I was one of the three "public" that attended the May 23 joint meeting of the BAR/Planning Commission/developer Woodard. [June 1 cover story: "Are you ready for nine stories"].

The renderings displayed there by the developer and architect and shown in the Hook are misleading and disproportionate.

For example, the church at the corner of Market and First St. is shown to appear at almost equal height to the proposed building. It is not.

The tower that will ascend with no set-back or terracing will dominate the church.  The tallest and thinnest part of the church spire may reach the fourth floor of the proposed building.

Our judgments need to be based on actual sizing and shadow studies. After all, the building will be built in North Downtown, our neighborhood.

The North Downtown Residents Association Board (NDRA) does agree with the Board of Architectural Review's decision to save the historic buildings, not just the facades, on The Main Street (Mall side) of the proposed building.

Colette Hall
President of NDRA