MY RIDE- John Carden- Segway

It's been nearly three years since John Carden bought his $4,500 Segway personal transporter, and he's still charmed with his ride.

"It sure beats sitting in traffic," he says. "You never suffer road rage when you're on a Segway. You can't be anything but optimistic."

Carden, who owns Carden Salon on the Downtown Mall, made news in 2003 when he chased down a thief on his Segway. Since then, he says, "The streets have been much calmer and safer."

Well, for the most part.

"I did ride it into the salon and crash through a plate glass window," he admits. "I was sort of hotshotting through the salon, and I was brought back down to earth as I caught the corner of a potted plant and the wheel went through the door."

But despite the mishap, Carden remains upbeat.

"I didn't fall off," he jokes. "That's the great thing about it."

John Carden


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when is john going to run for public office in charlottesville!? he is such a great person and good man!!! GO JOHN!!!!