LETTER- It was only a cat!

I was angry when I read the first article in the Hook about George Seymour shooting his neighbor's cat ["Claws and effect," cover story, May 18, 2006]. After reading the arrogance of Seymour's lawyer comments, I am outraged ["Seymour's lawyer," news, May 25, 2006]!

As both an animal lover and a person who supports the rights of hunters, I cannot understand Seymour's depraved indifference to the life of an animal. If Seymour is such an accomplished hunter who has traveled to Africa, you would think he would know the difference between prey and a domestic animal, regardless of provenance.

Most of the hunters I know do not justify their hunting by saying "I impulsively picked up my gun, and trained it on him to shoot to kill." This is a cat we are talking about, not something threatening his family.

While I might not have an expensive auto fleet in my driveway, I do have three dogs and three cats. I have never once had a cat scratch one of my late model beauties, nor have I felt threatened by a neighbor's cat, even though one lurks in the grass at the edge of our property. Maybe Seymour can give me some advice on how to handle this potential threat to my property.

If I were the NRA, I would disassociate myself from someone who feels justified in discharging a rifle in neighborhood, where a potential stray bullet can hit an innocent victim. Where do we live, the Wild West? Are we now a society of homesteaders?

While our legal system might not be prepared to deliver the justice that Seymour deserves, we can hit him where it hurts. There are enough car dealers in the greater Albemarle area to more than satisfy any car buyer who might want an imported car.

Mark Sackson