MY RIDE- Rose Purdy- 1984 Volvo 240

"It's a work truck," says Rose Purdy, who runs her Mobile Auto Detailing business out of her Volvo wagon.

"The back is my workshop," she says, gesturing to cleaning supplies and equipment filling the rear of the car. "The front is my office."
Purdy's had her current ride for three years, but it's the fourth Volvo 240 wagon she's owned, all models between 1980 and 1984. "I'm a fanatic," she laughs.

The draw of the 240? "It's super strong, sturdy, very safe," she explains. And they're affordable, too, especially for Purdy, who paid $1,000 for the car and does all her own repairs.

"I've always gotten my money's worth," she says.

Rose Purdy

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