LETTER- Change the cat laws

I am absolutely horrified and deeply saddened by Carmen's death at the hands of an obviously ignorant and unfeeling human [May 18 cover story: "Claws and effect: Bentivar shooting sparks outrage"].

I do, however, find comfort in knowing that Carmen is in a better place than any of us have yet to imagine. As a devoted animal lover, I send heartfelt sympathies to the Wintersteiger family.

I do hope that Jim Camblos will pursue the matter against George Seymour, that the judge will hand down an appropriate sentence (if there is one), and that the public will not do business with Seymour.

My pets are my children. I can only hope that someone in the Seymour household hasmore sense than George Seymour, and that the animals in that household are well cared for.

Seymour's ignorance is only a small example of others in society who do not hold animals in the same regard as I, and the laws need to be changed to protect our children with fur coats!
Melonie P. Morris