LETTER- Breastfeeding not sexual

In your recent story about Tom Rose's "Ween" license plates ["WEEN win: DMV okays recalled plate," May 18], the DMV's primary concern was said to be the chance that the plates might have a "sexual connotation." Your article then says that Rose was upset by the implication that his plates related to weaning, or the cessation of breastfeeding.

This reinforces the misconception that breastfeeding is sexual. While nursing and sex are both loving acts that involve the breast, breastfeeding is no more sexual than bottle feeding. It is a way of nurturing and caring for babies.

The continued misconception that breastfeeding is sexual has the effect of discouraging mothers from breastfeeding in spite of its undisputed benefits and the superiority of breast milk to formula. This attitude also leads to women being asked not to breastfeed in public or to nurse in restrooms. (What could be less sanitary than eating in a public restroom?)

I'm glad that Rose was able to keep his license plate, but I'm terribly disappointed that the Hook would reinforce such an unhealthy and outdated attitude.

Rachel Thielmann