MY RIDE- Justin Shimp- 1976 BMW 2002

"I like its vintage 1970s color," says Justin Shimp of his jade green 1976 BMW 2002, one of four currently in Shimp's Beemer fleet.

Twenty-four-year-old Shimp, an engineer, found the little green car on a BMW enthusiast's website last July and purchased it for a song– $1,200.

"I like them because the old ones are cheap, fairly reliable, and they're pretty fast for what they are," he says.

"It's a $1,000 car that will go 120mph."

Although he owns only four BMWs at the moment– several in various states of repair– he has owned more than 20 since he began collecting them five years ago while at Virginia Tech. The most he's had at any one time: nine.

So will the little green one hold Shimp's fancy, or will he trade it in for another model?

"That," he says, "is yet to be determined."

Justin Shimp

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