MY RIDE- Ron Heller- 2005 Chrysler Crossfire convertible

There's no need to analyze why Ron Heller yearned for the 2005 Crossfire he bought a month ago.

"It's cool," says Heller, a psychiatrist who had two other convertibles before his latest purchase.

One, a Mercedes SLK350, was too expensive to maintain. "This is a Chrysler," says Heller, "so hopefully it's less expensive." The other– a four-seater Toyota Solara– just didn't do the trick.

"That was nice, but boring," he says. "It was an old man's car."

Sporting around town in his Crossfire, Heller says, he attracts plenty of attention– but not from the ladies.

"It's a guy magnet," he laments. "Most of the time girls won't come up to ask about a car."

The car handles well, too– an important detail for Heller, who recently had brain surgery to ease the effects of Parkinson's disease.

"It drives great," he says.

Ron Heller

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