REAL ESTATE- Commecial Construction Permits

Eastmont LLC, demo existing house, $2,000.
Vineyard Estates LLC, mobile office trailer, $5,000.
Raymond G. and Shelby W. Zedekar, wooden tower, $30,000.
Redfields Community Association Inc., monument sign for Redfields for announcements, non-illuminated, $1,000.

Church Hill Development Co. LLC, demolition of house and block shed, no price given.

Snows Inc., replace existing shade structure with smaller coverage area (pergola structure), increase height to allow for lighting for security, $8,000.

Ronald D. and Frances D. Carter, one-story office building/Mill Creek offices, finished office space for Redlands LLC, $400,000.

The Peabody School, addition of main story over basement classroom wing to existing school, $1,700,000.

Colonial Baptist Church, storage building for church supplies, $75,000.

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, interior renovation, walls, doors, office space, classrooms, multi-purpose space, $5,000.



Federal Realty Investment Trust, addition and interior modifications, 1159 Emmet Street, $1,800,000.

City of Charlottesville, replace roof, 203 Ridge Street, $165,000.

Castonguay Properties LLC, remodel existing structure, 1902 Fendall Ave., $60,000.


Monticello Associates LLC, tenant upfit, 919 Second Street SE, $110,000.

Christian Von-Burgsdorff, tenant upfit, 1228 Cedars Court, $42,000.