PVCC compares favorably

As both a PVCC alum and a triple Hoo, I wondered if Dblehoo [April 20: "PVCC to UVA: Waldos can get in now"] actually knew any of the hard-working, intelligent community college transfers who already attend the University.

Dblehoos comments in the Hook and on theHook.net blog cast aspersions on both the students and the curriculum of community colleges in general, and Piedmont specifically.

As much as I love and am proud of the University of Virginia, the quality of classes and instruction at Piedmont were unmatched at UVA until I entered the doctoral program.

My experiences while a student at Piedmont included a one-person art-show; a scholarship to study in Argentina; several weeks studying Bahamian ecology; honors classes with students who ranged in age from 18 to 78; and most importantly, professor/mentors who were dedicated to teaching, rather than research, and with whom I have ongoing relationships to this day.

When I entered the University, my professors did not necessarily know that I was a transfer student. Thus, I was held to the same standards of any other student. Although I strongly believe that a student achieving a 3.4 GPA at Piedmont in the 54 core credits will be competitive at the University, Dblehoo can rest assured that academic probation will take care of those transfer students who dilute the talent pool at UVA.

What the opponents of this initiative do not understand, (or perhaps do and resent), is that programs such as these add to the diversity of the student body at the University, because issues of race, economics, family situation, and perceptions of academic opportunities continue to have an impact on high school grades and SAT scores, and therefore college acceptance rates.

I certainly hope that this initiative encourages other struggling high school students to aspire to attend their dream schools.
Dolly Joseph
Albemarle County