DR. HOOK- Back up: Get bones lined up right

Have you ever gone somewhere incognito? Jan Brady went to the pharmacy wearing a head scarf and Jackie O sunglasses because she wanted to buy a product to remove her freckles. Michael Jackson wore a mummy outfit to avoid the paparazzi– like that would work.

I wanted to go incognito when I went for my very first visit to the chiropractor. Yes, I went to see a chiropractor. I sat in my car until the coast was clear and ran into the office only to see a bunch of people in the waiting room. Drat!

Im not anti-chiropractor, but I do admit I dont trust the majority of chiropractors. (Ooo, I know there are a lot of alternative medicine people fuming right now yelling, Im going to crack his head then his back! Im going to mail him herbs... like hemlock!)

Hey, Im not anti-alternative medicine. Im Asian, for heavens sake! But people who claim they can cure almost everything (or everything) are like the Taliban to me.

I was raised by two conservative doctors, and they hated chiropractors. They considered them to be quacks and crooks. And frankly, with all the advertisements by chiropractors targeted at people who have been involved in automobile accidents, have chronic disabilities, or are contemplating lawsuits– well, it makes me wonder.

Also, the interesting conversations Ive had with some chiropractors have made me want to crack a few people, or at least crack up. Modern medicine cant cure AIDS, most cancers, and the common cold, but there are plenty of chiropractors who come close to claiming they can do such things.
I have quite a few patients who see or have seen a chiropractor. Some of them have had great results, so I have learned which chiropractors are effective. The name I kept hearing was Scott Wagner, DC. So one day I called Dr. Wagner to see if he was someone I would want to refer patients to. I actually asked him, With no disrespect, can I ask you if you think you can cure dementia, heart disease, or syphilis with chiropractics?

He laughed and said he was strictly about musculoskeletal problems– and also, he is a licensed physical therapist. Bingo!

I have had lower back problems since 1996. The sports I play have aggravated my lower back. After failing one physical therapist, one PM&R doctor, and using NSAIDS to the point of getting an ulcer, I went to Crawford Physical Therapy where a strong, nice woman named Heidi Crawford (no relation to Cindy) made me do boot camp exercises to get my back into shape. My sciatica went away, and I faithfully do the exercises to this day.

Rob McMurray, my massage therapist, also pulverizes me every week to the point he makes orange juice of me.

However, my lower back still isnt 100 percent pain-free. When I learned that Dr. Wagner did some work at UVA Sports Medicine, I figured I would give him a try since my back hurts mostly from ice dancing yes, ice dancing is an Olympic Sport, for you cynics out there (skating beautifully can hurt).

He evaluated me and hit everything on the nose– or back, in this case. After my back was warmed up with electrodes and heat, he repositioned my vertebrae. I wouldnt believe it myself if I didnt feel my Lumbar 4 move laterally to the left and my right pelvis shift to the right. It was like an internal earthquake!

I have a few adjustments for the next three weeks, and then Im discharged. Im eager to see if it helps. If it does work, Im sure Ill be... well... back.