PHOTOPHILE- Rock solid: Pavilion fever takes hold

Sure, it's come under fire for neighborhood noise and its looming design. But music lovers found it hard to knock the Charlottesville Pavilion last weekend as it played host to three renowned acts in four days.

The atmosphere was a little thick on Thursday, being 4/20 and all (a reference to a day when stoners traditionally light up), but the music was a breath of fresh air as headliner Robert Randolph & the Family Band took the stage following opening act Drive-by Truckers, both bands with pedal steel guitars. A surprise appearance by Charlottesville native and DMB fiddler Boyd Tinsley capped off a rockin' night under clear skies.

The weather was not so accommodating Friday, though the scattered showers could not dampen the high energy of the Hackensaw Boys, who played their down-home bluegrass with gusto.

As if two nights in one week weren't enough, Sunday brought Wilco, the biggest act of the Pavilion's new season. Scalpers and last-second concertgoers crowded the east end of the Mall for the sold-out show. Playing a mixture of light pop tunes and heavier indie rock, Wilco offered something for everyone– even serving up not one but two encores.

Judging by the opening weekend, it's going to be a great summer for music lovers in Charlottesville.

Thrifty concertgoers view the scene from the Avon Street Bridge.

Vince Martyn and Erin Tabolt rock out to Wilco.

Jacque Chevalier and Brittany McGrath refuel between acts.

By Sunday, it was all a blur.

Matt Lingvai and Kat Goodenough discover smoke breaks must be taken outside the tent.