MY RIDE- Brice Burgess- 1974 Volkswagen Superbeetle

You might hear Brice Burgess' car coming long before you see it. The VW bug doubles as Burgess' transportation and as a mode of guerilla marketing for local bluegrass band King Wilkie.

"It has some King Wilkie banners on it, and it has a megaphone coming out of the sun roof, with a little mic hanging down," says Burgess, who bought the car in Florida two years ago and has been "constantly working on it."

So should you block your ears if you see the shiny green beetle headed your way?

Nah, says Burgess.

"We generally don't torment people," he explains. "We just tell them what the show is. We say, 'Hey, you there, with the latte.'"

Though the band has played gigs from Telluride to Manhattan, Charlottesville is the first city they've tried the megaphone marketing method. So how's it working for them?

"We've had no physical threats, so I think it went over pretty well," says Burgess. "I think people enjoyed it. We try to keep it down when there are police in the vicinity."

The band will find out just how well it worked when they play the Jefferson Theater on Thursday, April 20.

The King Wilkie-mobile

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