LETTER- Neighbors were flexible

As the mediator who was brought in to help negotiations between Region Ten, their developer (CSHI), and the Little High Area Neighborhood Association for the Mews at Little High Street project, I do not agree with Councilman Caravati's characterization that "Haskins [and

therefore the Association] didn't budge" [Little High Noon: Neighbors, Region Ten square off," April 13].

My direct experience was that the Association and its president, Mark Haskins, presented a compromise position, but no response was forthcoming. This occurred at a crucial mid-December meeting that I mediated.

At that meeting, CSHI announced that the project was not going forward and that there was consequently nothing to talk about. Two days later, I learned that the project was still moving forward in spite of the earlier assertion that the project was "dead in the water." I was not involved in any further negotiations– if there were any.

I do agree with Caravati, however, that Charlottesville city government should assume a greater share of responsibility for the current situation and actively and vigorously participate in resolving the issues surrounding The Mews project.

The outcome should be determined by local processes. Resolution should not rest on the erroneous observation that LHANA was not willing to "move to the middle."

Richard Collins