MY RIDE- Amy Zell- 1996 Honda Accord

Having a baby changes everything, and Wes and Amy Zell should know. In preparation for the arrival of their little one last September, they furnished a nursery, rearranged their work schedules, and labored all last summer to complete renovations on their house in downtown Charlottesville. Also on their to-do list was finding and purchasing a baby-friendly vehicle.

"Our Honda's really reliable, which makes it a good baby car," says Amy Zell. "Actually, I only buy Hondas because they're so dependable. They last a long time, and they don't break down."

The Zells put the car to the test last summer when they flew out to Bedford, Indiana to pick it up and drive it back to Charlottesville. The next time they ventured west was with baby in tow.

"It's a special car because it brought my baby home from the hospital, and it's what he took his first big trip in," Amy says. "He's gotten his first glimpses of the world from its windows."

Safety always comes first with a baby involved, and overall the Zells are pleased with their five-star safety-rating purchase. In a perfect world, though...

"I could go for some leather seats," Amy says.

Amy Zell

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