MY RIDE- Rolf Taylor- 1999 Saab 9-5 Turbo

Brit Rolf Taylor likes his Saab so much that he bought the same one twice.

"I had the exact same car in England," he says, but when he moved to America with his family three years ago, he left the Saab behind. Then, 18 months ago, the newly separated Taylor spotted the black convertible sitting in a dealership lot on Pantops. After a few weeks of bargaining, a thrilled Taylor was behind his old wheel again.

"It was a present to myself," he says.

These days, the real estate agent uses his ride to transport clients to houses around town. On a beautiful day, he says, there's nothing better.

"It transforms a mundane car trip into a pleasure ride," he explains.

His two children also find pleasure in the Saab, especially when the car's not moving.

"Sam and Phoebe like to jump in Dukes of Hazzard-style," he laughs.

And despite its few dings and 70,000 miles, Taylor says he'll be hanging on to his wheels for a long time.

"With the roof down, it's either a babe magnet or a pickup truck," he jokes. "It's so amazingly handy."

Rolf Taylor

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