Sally Seemann-Fretwell to Kenneth N. and Patricia K. Baker, 3.761 acres at 3300 Petal Lane, Rosemont, $759,000.

MGR Development Corp. to John T. and Margaret A. Echols, 0.720 acres at 3697 Newbridge Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $860,000.

Sallie C. Breeden to Village At Chestnut Ridge LLC, 10.247 acres on State Route 663, 86 Simmons Gap Road, Earlysville, $100,000.

Richard J. and Laura A. Metsch to Sally Seemann, 0.419 acres at 1649 Honeysuckle Lane, Lake Reynovia, $401,000.

Hessian Hills LLC to Michele A. Parker, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 141 Hessian Hills Circle, $139,900.

M. Kent and Thomas L. Musselman Jr. to Christopher P. West, 2.136 acre at 4202 Blenheim Road, Quandary Farm, $189,500.

Stephanie Y. and Gary W. Sipe to Patrick S. Yowell, 4.113 acres on State Route 810, 2389 Boonesville Road, $120,000.

Robert M. Callaghan, trustee, to CCH Custom Homes Inc., 6.26 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $65,000.

Marjorie S. Cavanaugh to Glenmore Associates Ltd., two lots, $330,000.

Jeffrey L. and Louise D. Cole to Louise D. Cole, 1.492 acres at 1155 Fox Ridge Drive, Earlysville Forest, Earlysville, no price given.

Kurosh K. and Shahrzad Darvish to Kirbie L. and Erica J. Dempsey, 0.344 acres at 104 Chaucer Road, Canterbury Hills, $390,000.

JJR Investors LLC to 540 Greenfield LLC, 0.367 acres at 540 Greenfield Terrace, Greenfields, 0.357 acres, Greenfields, $865,000.

Medallion Enterprises LLC to Renate I. Weber, 0.2989 acres at 1390 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $333,000.

Steven J. and Jean T. Momorella to Michael G. Douvas and Sue A. Brown, 0.384 acres at 4923 Lake Tree Lane, Crozet, $500,000.

Steven R. and Barbara K. Jenkins to Matthew Robertson, 1.482 acres at 1165 Fox Ridge Drive, Earlysville Forest, $375,000.

Medallion Enterprises LLC to Laura A. Metsch, 1370 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $374,672.

Harold R. and Adelaide Spainhour to Castle Rock Construction of Albemarle, 5.121 acres at "Country Side," $125,000.

Kevin R. and Cynthia L. Hughes to Mark R. and Sara M. Tueting, 415 Carrsbrook Drive, Westmoreland, $285,000.

Marblehead LLC to James F. and Thomas S. Canalichio, unit in Glenwood Station condominiums, 949 Glenwood Station Lane, $247,240.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Eduardo and Betsy C. Gimenez, 0.464 acres at 1419 Singleton Lane, Mosby Mountain, $391,561.

John F. and Motana K. Gaffney to Wayne B. and Kathleen C. Arnason, 3322 Arbor Terrace, Arbor Lake, Forest Lakes Townhouses, $247,000.

Jacqueline M. Brown to Marnita L. Simpson, 0.282 acres at 505 Jester Lane, Camelot, $175,900.

The Rocks LLC to Bruce B. and Patricia H. Stouffer, 2.867 acres in The Rocks, $290,000.

Gregory and Mary Marcinkowski to Jan J. and Mirta Hertzfeld, 2.302 acres at 3440 Coleman Drive, Waverly, $770,000.


David M. and Susan S. Sweet to Louise Siener, trustee, 2.0 acres at 301 Gillums Ridge Road, Skyline Crest, $510,000.

Damien U. McCants to Mikael Ricardo and Andri Purkanto, unit in Webland Park condominiums, 1702 Webland Park, $182,500.

Southland Homes Inc. to Racquel D. Innis-Shelton and Bobby L. Shelton III, 0.594 acres at 1724 Monet Hill, Montgomery Ridge, $589,950.

Moises M. and Susana Barcimanto to Charlotte K. Martin, 0.266 acre at 345 Shepherds Ridge Road, Rivercrest of Dunlora, $410,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Heather H. Ramsey, 5432 Hill Top Street, Parkside Village, Crozet, $185,410.

Marblehead LLC to Chandan Chopra, unit in Glenwood Station condominiums, 949 Glenwood Station Lane, $243,845.

Adam J. and Lisa Katz to Matthew T. and Aimee R. McDavitt, 3371 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $375,000.

Marblehead LLC to Jacqueline E. Williamson, unit in Glenwood Station condominiums, 949 Glenwood Station Lane, $268,535.

George H. Fitch to VanderLinde Housing Inc., 6.8 acres on the east side of Rio Road, $365,000.

Marblehead LLC to Jamil Sofer, unit in Glenwood Station condominiums, $243,845.

Edward J. and Janet Hawkins, trustee, to Janet Schwerdt, trustee, 1843 Westerham Street, Glenmore, Keswick, gift.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums to Lynda R. Sheffield, unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, 830 Beverley Drive, $222,000.

Nicholas A. and Gayle Michaels to Andriy Shapowal and Jill Avery Tebbenkam, 6.490 acres on State Route 708, 1340 Secretary Road, $499,000.

Zane D. and Deborah P. Byram to Durand K. Teel and Brandi M. Coiner, 1.0 acres at 4335 Springwood Drive, Springwood, Free Union, $299,000.

Dorothy N. Batten to Building Exchange Company, 5.25 acres at Tall Oaks Farm, $8,290,200.

Tall Oaks LLC to Building Exchange Company, 92.56 acres at Tall Oaks Farm, $1,819,800.

Southern Home Builders of Virginia to Peter Hufnagel and Andrea Dvorak, 0.045 acres at 1142 Edmond Court, Wayland's Grant, Crozet, $264,900.

Patrick and Rechelle Gleasure to Eric L. and Tennille W. Sorensen, 2.001 acres at 2935 Earlysville Road, $255,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Kenneth A. Barry, 0.430 acres at 2498 Wiltshire Close, Glenmore, Keswick, $245,000.

Jack B. and Joan E. Sorensen to Mark A. and Kathy C. Terlesky, 6.204 acres at 1830 Bentivar Drive, Bentivar, $250,000.

Bradford M. Young to Richard K. and Suzanne F. Pleasants, 943 Warwick Court, Stonehenge Townhouses, $180,522.

Marblehead LLC to Daniel and Christina Ciudin, unit in Glenwood Station condominiums, 949 Glenwood Station Lane, $269,723.

Wendy P. Rosson to Virginia Byrd, 1.29 acres at 250 Hardware Street, Scottsville, $149,500.

John A. Galinsky to Alistair Savory, 700 Merion Greene, RiverRun, $195,000.

Big Deal


Dorothy N. Batten to Building Exchange Company, 5.25 acres at Tall Oaks Farm, $8,290,200.