NEWS- Megatrendsetter: Aburdene boosts local publishing house

In Megatrends 2010, Patricia Aburdene, co-author of two Megatrends best-sellers, envisions a world in which an entirely new form of socially responsible, spiritual "conscious capitalism" will radically transform corporate America as we know it. And it all begins in Charlottesville...

The book, that is. At Hampton Roads Inc.– a local press whose titles tend to focus on raised consciousness and personal empowerment– Megatrends 2010 is the current hot project.

According to Hampton Roads webmaster Matthew Friedman, the book came to the publisher from Aburdene's agent, Bill Gladstone. "Mr. Gladstone knew that Patricia's new book fit in with our line and our subject matter," says Friedman, "so she flew in, met with the company, decided she liked us, and we liked her."

How does Hampton Roads feel about having added such a Megatrend-setter to its stable of authors?

"Oh, she's wonderful," says publicist Sara Sgarlat. "We love her. Her message is one that needs to be out there, and of course we are very supportive of that message."

The book, released last fall, has been doing very well, Sgarlat boasts.

The author's other entries in the series, Megatrends 2000 (1990) and Megatrends for Women (1992), were published by William Morrow and Villard, respectively.

Aburdene is sole author of 2010 because she and her former husband and co-author, John Naisbitt, divorced several years ago. They are, however, "still very friendly," Sgarlat says.

Naisbitt now writes his own books on the world's economic future, such as his 2001 High-Tech, High Touch: Technology and Our Accelerated Search for Meaning.

Aburdene's recent international speaking tour will carry her from the Rockies to Sweden. But before that, she plans a brief stop in Charlottesville March 22 and 23 in conjunction with the Virginia Festival of the Book.

The great prognosticator is no stranger to Charlottesville. Last spring Aburdene dropped by "to have an 'author day' with the folks at Hampton Roads," says Sgarlat.

At Hampton Roads, Sgarlat says, Aburdene's book is "something that we all hold dear. It really is a transformation of the way we do business, and the way we live and invest," as the book's tagline says.

"And it's a transformation that really needs to happen," Sgarlat adds, "and is starting to happen."

Aburdene will be involved in two events at the VFB: She'll speak at a business breakfast at 7:30am on Wednesday, March 22 at the Omni Hotel, and again at UVA's Newcomb Hall South Meeting Room (374) at 4pm on Thursday, March 23.

Megatrends author Aburdene sees raised conciousness and conscience in future biz