MY RIDE- Liz Antus: 2001 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus: "It begs to be driven." At least, that's what the advertisements claim.

Liz Antus, a UVA fourth-year and real-life owner of a Focus, begs to differ.

"I feel like I'm in a little tin can sometimes," says Antus. "It doesn't have enough pickup, and it's just generally not a very good car."

Antus' parents bought the used car for her nearly three years ago.

"It was the only car whose price and size worked for me," she says.

Perhaps the lack of options is the reason for her aversion to her ride.

"I mean, I've hit stuff in it. I've definitely had a couple of fender benders," she says, not without a degree of nonchalance.

So is there anything to love about these wheels?

"It's black. The color's okay."

Liz Antus

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