PHOTOPHILE- Hop over: Barroom theatricals Rapturous

What do you get when you mix culture and cocktails? On Sunday evening, February 19, the result was Barhoppers– a series of one-act plays creatively staged at Rapture downtown.

The lively set of performances ranged from humorous to surreal– with drinking, and Rapture's bar itself, prominently featured. The novel location and format appeared to work for the 80-plus people in the sold-out crowd. Playgoer Peter Kleeman says, "On a Sunday night, it's much better to see eight different plays with two beers than to see one long production."

For 17 years Barhoppers' producer, Offstage Theater, has been performing in unusual locations, from furniture stores to parks and print shops. The current production at Rapture runs February 26-28 and March 5-7 starting at 8pm.


Actors Don Gaylord and Sarah Oppenheimer perform in Sensitivity, by John Donnelly.

Bob Dorsey and Sean Chandler in Regatta Club Freud by Joel Jones

Dan Clark and Ron Heller in West Texas Honey Bee Blues


Judith Pulman, Allen Van Houzen, and Frank Cardella in The Bartender Mixes Magic Light by Marissa Guillen

Mark Valahovic and Jill Antonishak in The Answer Man by Boomie Pedersen