MY RIDE- Rebecca Weber:1990 Volvo 740GL

Rebecca Weber:1990 Volvo 740GL

"This car is good for someone as forgetful as I am," says Rebecca Weber, who had to check the backside of her car before she could confirm the model number.

"When you turn off the engine, the lights go off automatically," the fourth-year UVA commerce student explains. "That's a feature that definitely comes in handy for me."

Weber's parents are the actual owners of the car, but with any luck, her absentmindedness is hereditary, and they won't revoke the ride any time soon.

"It's kind of become my car in their minds," she says. "I've been driving it since I was 15. Everyone refers to it as 'Rebecca's car.'"

Which is fine by her. Even with the lack of AC, heating, and CD player, she has a car she thinks "looks pretty cool."

Rebecca Weber

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