EDITOR'S NOTE- Nothing personal: Sorry, we didn't pick yours

Oh, what a talented town we live in. Back in January, the Hook announced a contest to pick a name for our revamped Personals section, which we're unveiling March 16. Thanks to all the Hook readers who entered our "Name the Personals" challenge!

We've reviewed all the entries and really enjoyed the creative ideas. We enjoyed them so much that we're printing them in this week's edition. (Read on!)

Unfortunately, we have to choose a name that fits all the criteria of the new web-based system, and none of the entries was able to do that.

We've decided to donate the prize money to a local charity, the Kelly Watt Scholarship Fund, which was created to honor the memory of our one-and-only sports columnist, who died last summer.

Please check out the new personals section in a couple of weeks. You still have time to sign up as a charter user and earn a chance to enter a second contest. This one's grand prize is a ski/snowboard weekend at Snowshoe Resort.

Go to readthehook.com/personals to register for the snowy fun!

Hook a heart


One Heart

Love Hook

Hook-Line-and Sinker


Love Link (two people came up with this one)

Hoos Hookup

Most Loved Personals




Get Hooked!

I'm Hooked!

Hooked on you

Hoos Hooked?


If not now, when?

Second Chances

Cupid's Lounge

Charlottesville Connections

Cville Connections

Hoo's There

The Cavalier Connection

The Scope



Madison Albemarle Greene & Independent Charlottesville personals= M.A.G.IC personals

If By Chance...

Hearts A Fire

Mouse Hunt

Takes 2 To Tango

Love Not Lost

Love, Lust, Laughter

Heart to Heart or Heart 2 Heart

Connect A Heart

Mission Not Impossible

Most Likely To Love

Charlottesville Cup O Love

Mocha Latte Love

Love Actually

I'm Hooked on a Feeling

Cafe Hook


Shout-Out Blackboard

Single-Minded Mingling

Becoming Attractions



The Pick Up Line

The Line

Pick Me Ups

The Hot Spot

Dating Spaces

The Missing Link

The Link

First Base

LoveLife (with different text for each word)

Cupid's Corner

First Glances

The Red Rose

Passing Notes



Conversation Hearts


Lover's Lane


Hook Match

The Meat Market

The Saddle (referring to "back in the saddle again...")


The Hook Nookie Nook

Virgin(ia) Know More

Virginia is for Lovers, but You're All Alone... (makes a good subtitle)

Lovin' Doses

Hook My Heart (or the Heartful Hook, Artful Heart, The Romantic Hook, Hooked of Romance)

Nights of Romancelot

The Interpersonals

Hopeful RomAntics (and all sorts of variations: Antic Romantics, Romantic Antics...)

Come here often?

Mountain magic

Mountain match

Mountain match-up

Foothill fever

Lovin' on the mountain

Piedmont passion(s)

Piedmont pimpin'

Blue Ridge rendezvous

Connect the hots

Virginia heat

Courtship reporter

Lovely liaisons

Passion parade

Do the tryst

Let's do the tryst

Trysting the night away

Tryst like this

Rivanna rapture

Rivanna rendezvous

Rivanna romance

Rapture report

Hot notes

Charlottesville courter

The spark

Chemistry column

Chemical encounters

Potion Ivy

Rendezvous review

Stalker's corner

Love shack

Love at first write

Albemarle aphrodisiac

Albemarle aphrodisiaddict

Hooking up is hard to do

Hooked on you

The Hookery

House of Hookery

Love Train

Love Search Engine

Yearn No More

Column of Desire

Trolley Car Named Desire

Love Lottery

Right for You



Matter of the Heart

Matters of the Heart

Heart of the Matter

Scaling MatterHeart

Flirts and Giggles

Lovers and other strangers

Love Searchers