MYRIDE- John Travers: 2005 Mini Cooper

"Having a Mini's like having a motorcycle," says John Travers. "Everybody waves."

Travers thinks the reason behind all the attention is that "It's just a fun car."

So it appears, with its bright red paint job, racing stripes, and sunroof.

"It's also fun just to own one because they send you all this stuff in the mail," he says, "like a stencil for you to spray-paint your own spot in your driveway. And I have a sign that says 'Minis Only.'"

This vehicle is Travers' first car purchase in 30 years, and it hasn't let him down.

"In addition to all the little extras, it's safe," he says. "There's something like 12 airbags in there."

Airbags are well and good, but the Hook's favorite feature? The toy car– a red mini-Mini displayed on the dash.

John Travers