LETTER- Leaflets missed us

This letter is in response to Kate Johnson's letter to the editor February 2 ["Anti-bulbsters, listen up!"]. I live in the 1300 block of Chesapeake Street, but that does not automatically make me a member of the Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association. I say this because I have not received a flyer, letter, or visit from anyone in the association. I had to call the city of Charlottesville planning office to find out what was being done on our street.

Johnson said she went door to door and spoke with my neighbors, but most were not aware of the plans going on in our neighborhood. The ones who did know were opposed to it.

I cared enough about my neighbors to get together with the city and ask that we have a voice in this matter since we were the only area of Chesapeake Street to have the bulb-outs and greenscapes. My concern is not with having a place (bulb-outs) to grow beautiful things (I thought that's what we had front yards for) but rather to keep our children, grandchildren and pets safe.

Johnson must not be aware of the problem we have with speeders in the 1300 block. Had she or anyone else in the association asked, I would have been glad to discuss the problems we deal with on this end of the street and what the neighbors thought would be the best solution for them.

Doris Reuschling