ESSAY- Blog begins now

Lots of people get all their news online now. And why shouldn't they? After all, it's here, and you steer, so get over it.

Well, we got over our objections to giving away content when we started the Hook four years ago. We were the first Charlottesville publication to put all our content online. And we don't just put it up– we keep it up.

Now we're offering a little bonus for people who just wanna read something fresh and maybe chime in with a comment that just can't wait for the "Mailbag" section: a news blog.

It's located at, and we plan to post at least two new stories every day. Like Charlottesville's most noted blogger, Waldo Jaquith, we'll provide both a digest of local news and a mix of fresh observations as well as that thing we were put on this earth to do: fresh reporting.

Unlike the diary style of blogging, though, we'll try not to share our innermost thoughts with readers. Who has the stomach to write that? More importantly, as Mariane Matera points out in this week's essay, who has the stomach to read that?–editor